Scared of the net?

Jeff Jarvis criticises Republicans for their unwillingness to engage with the internet.

In the end, this is not only short-sighted tactically but also essentially insulting to the American people. We are on the internet. Come talk with us. What you’re too scared to? Big tough terrorists don’t scare you but we do? Come on, boys, we don’t bite. But we do vote.

I think it’s easy to put up a persona when doing one-way communication but much harder when there’s some risk of a real exchange. So much of the fear of the internet by those in powerful positions seems really to be a fear of us.

5 thoughts on “Scared of the net?

  1. rednose

    Hi Johnnie

    (A little bit off the topic, please forgive me)

    Recently my goal has been to try and further theatre’s embrace of the internet. It seems that there is far more theatre internet activity in America than there is in Britain.

    I think Britain is falling behind, whether it’s for traditions sake or fear.

    If Performers, like in many other industries got networking, we could cut out the middle man (Actors’ Agents) and save workers loads of money.

    In my opinion Networks hold power and since agents hold the networks, they hold the power. All it would take for a power shift is for people to start forming networks.

    Hope You’re having a Great Day!!


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