Schapelle Corby

Alan Singer continues to agitate for the release of Schapelle Corby an Australian women charged with drug trafficking under highly questionable grounds in Indonesia. He has pretty much given over his blog to the cause in recent weeks and has now launched a campaign site:

This certainly seems a case of someone being found guilty until proven innocent, and it seems there’s an increasing tide of anger in Australia over the case.

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  1. V.

    Guilty until proven innocent?

    Another reason not to go to terrorist-sympathizing hellhole Indonesia. A few months after accepting huge sums of charity during the tsunami disaster, the Indonesian government and people are in a fit of xenophobic rage and determined to lynch a white, infidel Australian girl, Schapelle Corby, dubbed that “Ganja Queen” by the local yellow press.

    Worse of all, the farce of Indonesian “justice” has been revealed to the world. Here, the “criminal” (not suspect) must prove their innocence! Never mind that most drug traffickers would take the easily available drugs from Indonesia and sell them in Australia, not bring them from pricier Australia to sell in Bali. Better yet, the integrity of the evidence has been totally destroyed, with everyone including the judge handling the drug bag and getting their fingerprints all over it. After ruining the evidence, the police refused to fingerprint it as the defense asked since the integrity of the evidence has been destroyed (by the police themselves)! And to top it all off, draconian penalties could give the girl either a life sentence or the death penalty. This, the same failed state which gave mass-murderer terrorist mastermind Bashir something like three years for a mini-genocide of infidels in Bali. If this isn’t a legal lynching, and a racist one at that, I don’t know what is. So chalk up another reason to cancel that trip to the terror-loving, corrupt Javanese empire.

  2. Kathryn

    I think the language in V’s post is absolutely spot-on, and given the circumstances of Schapelle Corby’s arrest and trial, entirely “reasoned” or to use better and more precise English, reasonable. Although I support political correctness to prevent, for example, racism, one of its undesirable outcomes is political apathy; if we are not allowed to use positive and strong language to emphasise injustice, then we are lost. But perhaps that is what politicians in Indonesia want.

  3. Johnnie Moore

    Hi Kathryn: Thanks for commenting and for picking up on the point about reasonable vs reasoned. I agree about political correctness – sometimes useful, sometimes unhelpful. It’s up to each of us to make our own judgement.

    I don’t suppose there is a consensus among politicians in Indonesia as to what they want. If you read Alan’s post I linked to in my previous comment it takes you to a view that says that abusive attacks on Indonesia may simply trigger obstinacy instead of the flexibility to let Schapelle go. It’s worth at least reflecting on the possible consquences for Schapelle of the tone of the debate.

    I stick by what I said. I find many aspects of English law farcical and I would be less swift to dismiss the entire Indonesian legal system, however unfair this case seems to be. We’ve also had our share of cases here of mishandled evidence and of quite innocent people jailed and even (in living memory) executed. In recent years several unfortunate mothers have been put in jail for the “murder” of their children only for expert evidence later to be totally discreditd. I bet there similar cases in Australia too.

    In my life, I find that making threats and hurling rage at people rarely makes them change. On what basis would you argue that threats and harsh words are likely to encourage mercy or flexibility in Indonesia. Do you think they make it easy or hard for their politicians or judges to climb down?

    The challenge for anyone hoping, like me, to see Schapelle freed soon is to find peaceful ways to protest that emphasise the justice of the case. Statements that appear to assert our own moral superiority to broad sections of Indonesian society don’t fit the bill for me and I would put the whole case differently to V. But each to their own.

  4. Jack Yan

    I want Schapelle free. Now. Inmediatly


    I understand from an interview—though I should note its bias, as it was with Mrs Corby—that even the drafter of the legislation on drug trafficking feels that Miss Corby has been denied due process. From memory (and with the proviso of hearsay that I note above), I believe he intended for the law to be applied with an innocence presumption. However, being unfamiliar with the Indonesian justice system, it’s unfair for me to comment how a court of law there operates.

  5. julie.g.

    To Mr Howard,if you don’t start doing the job us tax payers are paying you the do,such as,looking after your own county men and women,then I promise you I will never vote for you or the liberal party again.That is a promise.GET SCHAPELLE CORBY OUT.

  6. Gary Clark

    Good on you Derryn Hinch. Know this. People do not traffic hydroponic dope from state to state. Why would they, there is a ready market in each state for the drug, you simply walk out your front door after you have grown it and you would not even have to leave your street to sell it.

    Good on you Derryn. Know this. People do not traffic hydroponic dope from state to state. Why would they, there is a ready market in each state for the drug, you simply walk out your front door after you have grown it and you would not even have to leave your street to sell it. Why would you risk driving it to an airport and then having the cost of bribing a baggage handler to get it on the plane, then at the destination bribing another baggage handler to get it out, then you would need another party to pick it up and then you have to risk driving it out of the airport to another destination, that’s a lot of trouble you have gone to for a paltry 4kg of dope! Cocaine is a different matter though, it is worh a hell of a lot more and there is plenty of profit in it for bribes and you cannot get it in Australia. As far as Bali grown dope goes it is shit, the Balinese do not have the menas, the space, time or equipment to put dope under lights, it is extremely costly and you need space to do it as well as the equipment and the chemicals, that is not going to happen in Bali. Where is the market for dope in Hydroponic dope in Bali- Australian Surfers of course, they would pay three times the price for it over there, Currently it sells for $250-$300 an ounce in Melbourne, but in Bali amongst the Aussie surfers, who have heaps of spare cash and also a penchant for good dope, hey no problems you would get big money for it, there is actually a demand for it. The question that puzzles me is why was was Schapelle Corby carrying a boogie board, she claims to be a surfer, it is common knowledge that Surf Boarders hate boogie boarders with a passion. And as Derryn asked, how did the dope get vacuum moulded to the exact shape of Schpelles Boogie board? Boogie boards come in all shapes and sizes, why buy one in Brisbane and carry it when you can buy them in Bali for a quarter of the price. How could you not notice the bulk and shape of your Boogie board when it has an extra 4kg odd of bulky dope in it. What a lot of people also fail to ask is how did the Indonesians know Corby had dope, the most likely answer is the clue that Mick Kelty, the head of the Australian Federal Police gave us when he made the comment “If we give evidence of what we know about Schapelle Corby she will get the death penalty, it is likely that the Feds here in Australia were well aware Corby shipped the dope and it was our own cops who tipped off the indonesian authorities that she was carrying a large amount of dope. Schapelle Corby is a liar and a drug dealer, she is guilty and she should be shot and who knows now she has appealed she may well be shot she is a naive young fool! Why give her special treatment, she was caught fair and square and the people that think she is innocent are naive sheep who do not have all the facts- Wake up Australia. You may send me hate mail at Trevor Dunen, PO Box 362 York Western Australia, 6302 or ring me and abuse me on 0424 534 390. Know that I do not support naive stupid female drug dealers who have been caught fair and square!!! Rot in hell where you belong Schapelle, if you cant do the time, don’t do the crime.


    While I watch the news about Schapelle Corby with increasing horror and profound sadness, it raises a question about travel to Bali.

    Lets say I have taken every precaution with my luggage, its a soft case with zippers which I padlock,I even have the bags plastic wrapped befor leaving my home airport. On arriving at Bail airport I go to collect my luggage only to find the padlock missing and the plasric wrap has been cut. What do I do.Remembering Schapelle Corby I can imagine myself in an Indonesion prison. What am I to do? I look at the options.

    1. Take it through customs and hope I dont get stopped 2. Call the police and complain and run the risk of being arrested for importing drugs into Bali. 3. Rip the identifying tags off my luggage and leave it on the baggage carosel, and abandon it. 4 Call the australian consul as others who have found drugs in their luggage and be told to flush it down the toilet and above all don’t call the police. What do I do? What would you do? Maybe someone knows. I hope they post an answer. In the meantime I’m staying away from Bali, not a boycott, just self preservation.

  7. emma

    Trevor Dunen dont you think its slightly harsh what your saying? do you honestly beleive it is right to pretty much take away the life of someone who is barely an adult all because of a plant? heres an idea lets legalise weed and everyone will be happy…nd i mean that in a litural way cauz we will all be stonned. but seriously pot is a drug that is almost socially accepted apart from the smell. i think your jst a dumass dropkick who wants some friends so he decided to express his murderous feelings on the net in hope that someone wil actualy call or write to him….for a change

  8. Vickie Tomholt




    QUOTE “Know that I do not support naive stupid female drug dealers who have been caught fair and square!!!”




  9. Johnnie Moore

    Vickie: I think a lot of people posting here are angry, on both sides. It’s clear to me that you are angry too.

    I in favour of people voicing their anger so I’m curious that you seem to think it’s wrong for Trevor to be angry. It looks as though you use the label “angry” as an insult, whilst typing most of your post in block capitals.

    I don’t know Trevor’s height but if I were him I might take exception the “little” word you label him with.

    I’d prefer commenters to express their views without insulting other commenters. Challenge their opinions, question the facts they cite, state your own feelings, by all means – but I’d prefer not to have this debate descend into mudslinging.

    If you abuse those you disagree with, it seems like you exhibit a behaviour that you would condemn in others. In fact, I could suggest that’s what you and others believe the officials in Indonesia are doing in this case.

  10. Hellfire

    Very sad indeed this whole mess! I don’t know of a solution, amazing how much trouble one can get into these days. Peace Out.

  11. GODBlessOZ

    Trevor you a misinformed person with seeminlgy no knowledge of the real world. You are an cynical, bitter person with no understanding of what you say. You are only being objectionable to be different.

    You arguement is seriously flawed for the following reasons.

    Firstly, Many 4kg bags of pot make up..wait for it…. lots of pot. Thus your notion that one 4kg bag of pot is not worth it is stupid. Large amounts of pot can be trafficked in separate small quantities. Are you suggesting that a smart dealer is one who would put 50kilos or 100 kilos of pot in one shipment? Thats why you should never deal drugs trevor.

    Secondly, The costs associated with transporting drugs regularly to sydney by road over a long period of time would be higher than the cost of paying off a couple of blokes at the airport also allowing for larger quantities of pot being transported in a shorter amount of time.

    Thirdly, You obviously arent a surfer because if you were you would know that the label surfer applies to both bodyboarders and stand ups.

    Finally and perhaps most importantly, Pot varies from region to region, thus qualities differ. Hydro is a laborious process and large quantities are hard to come by. Bush is easy to come by in large quantities. Therefore a lack of Hyfro possibly existed in Sydney thus rendering Corby’s innocence proved.

    You are definitely an old unsuccessful man because you demonstrate no thought process. FREE SCHAPPELLE.

  12. Johnnie Moore

    GODBlessOZ, you say (to Trevor) “You are definitely an old unsuccessful man because you demonstrate no thought process.”

    I don’t understand your thought process so perhaps you can explain what leads you to conclude that Trevor is (a) old or (b) unsuccessful. Perhaps you think that only young people think clearly? Do you think unsuccessful people are incapable of clear thought? Perhaps you could explain exactly what you mean by saying Trevor is “unsuccessful”.

    And then perhaps you could explain the thought process that makes Trevor’s age, or level of success, relevant to the argument here.

    A lack of Hyrdro in Sydney might lend support to theories of trafficking inside Australia. This might lend support to the alternative explanation of the cannabis in Schapelle’s baggage. But it would not “prove” her innocence.

    I notice that Alan Singer argues not that she is innocent, but that her guilt has not been proven with much certainty. I think that is a coherent argument and enough to justify seeking peaceful means to secure her release.

    I think that a great deal of mischief is caused by those with too much apparent certainty about the facts here. The stronger argument for Schapelle’s release lies in focussing on the lack of certainty. Though that may offer less opportunity for venting prejudices and general name-calling.

  13. GODBlessOZ

    Johnnie Moore I wonder if you are. You seem to be too high and mighty to point out when someone is writing outrageous shit in that you try and discredit me by standing up for a total fucking moron in Trevor.

    By the way, NO YOUNG PERSON IN AUSTRALIA WOULD EVER AGREE WITH WHAT DERRYN HINCH SAYS. I dont know if your Australian but you should know that Derryn Hinch is only listened to by Older Australians, as he represent the views of the elderly who “Dont know whats gone wrong with the youth of today” The guy is a raving alcoholic with not an ounce of credibility amongst young Australians. Derryn Hinch constantly comments on issues that affect the young of Australia that he knows nothing about thereby spewing out the crap that older people then believe such as Trevor. This is what led me to my conclusions on his age and his station in life. No one who puts forth the uninformed vomit that he did could possibly be intelligent. Yeah Im talking about you Trevor why dont you develop your own thoughts and stop listening to Derryn Hinch, the alcoholic always looking to be outrageous, who cant hold down a journo job because he is always caught out at being WRONG.

  14. Johnnie Moore

    GODBlessOZ: I should have made it clear that I don’t agree with Trevor’s analysis. I don’t share his certainty about Schapelle’s guilt and I don’t follow his argument for it. He makes it clear that he expects to provoke anger by what he says so I don’t feel a strong need to defend him particularly. I probably should have said all that in my previous comment.

    On the other hand, I do want to encourage comments here and for people to feel some hope that they won’t be abused for expressing controversial views. Maybe Trevor had it coming – but I think abusive comments will deter other people from stepping in to challenge argument here.

    I don’t much like this space being used to call people alcoholic. Being alcoholic doesn’t invalidate someone’s argument.

    Maybe you’re right and I’m being high and mighty, but I’m not trying to be. Though this is my blog and I will say what I like or don’t like about what goes on here. You don’t have to agree with me.

  15. John Wood

    On Trevor’s comment there. IF everything he said is true then I would shift my opinion to believe that Schapelle Corby is guilty. However, if it were true, I think the Indonesian authorities would have made sure that everyone knew these facts, and would have made sure that press releases with this information were well distribited, if nothing else to placate us.

    As is they are not, I believe that he is repeating the yellow journalist Indonesian lies used to sell their papers and which would further explain why the average Indonesian is so sure that she is guilty, and actually want her to be executed.

    As it is the authorities have told everyone that they were basing their verdict on the way she acted at the time of the drug discovery when searching the bag. And they seemingly refused to fingerprint the bag to obtain any corrobarating evidence, I would say that she was silently pronounced guilty a long time ago and they were just putting on a good show trial for the Indonesians public.

  16. Johnnie Moore

    Since I have been made aware of the plight of Ms Corby, I have taken the time to learn as much as I can relating to the case

    One of the advantages of living in a society that I do, in the United States, and Australia as well as many other countries, is that we have the ability to see and think for ourselves. This

    isn’t necessarily an indictment of other countries.

    This being the case, in my educated opinion, while can’t be said for 100 percent certainty, it is extremely likely she is completely innocent of all charges.

    A simple risk/reward analysis is really all you need. I’m sure everyone in your country is well aware of penalties for importing illegal substances in Indonesia, and why anyone would take this risk with an EXTREME lack of care goes against any rationale thought. The notion she’s completely stupid fails miserably.

    Seeing pictures of her distress has done nothing less than break my heart, and I pray that some productive action can be undertaken by the Australian govt to correct this injustice

    The blame should not be pinned on Indonesia, though it appears they had their minds made up. To them all they care about is that this marijuana wound up on their shores: why it got there is of secondary importance.

    I applaud everyone who has shown their support for this young lady, who is suffering in ways many of us could never imagine.

    To those who denigrade her, you are either unable to think for yourself, or have too much mean spiritness in you. Neither of these are to your benefit.


    Brian, thanks for your comments. I also feel the case against Schapelle Corby is not strong. I agree that is quite wrong simply to blame Indonesia.

    I am troubled by your comment about Indonesia: “it appears they had their minds made up. To them all they care about is that this marijuana wound up on their shores” That is not true of all Indonesians including (as Jack Yan has pointed out) the one who put forward the legislation in question.

    I think there’s also a danger that you come across as thinking that Americans and Australians can make their own minds up, and the Indonesians can’t. This would strike me as unfair and quite insulting to Indonesians who have a civilisation and culture worthy of respect – even if they have a government we don’t much like.

    I am quite sure they can make their own minds up too and as you will see, they demonstrate this by having a variety of different views of this case. As indeed do Australians and Americans.

    I started this post a strong supporter of the efforts to get Corby out. I have become disheartened and angry that the debate is being hijacked to make generalisations about Indonesia and at times Australia, generalisations that often serve only to fuel the flames of conflict.

    I also want to stand up for the possibility of disagreeing with another’s poing of view robustly, without directly or indirectly casting apersions on their character. It’s sometimes a fine line and I may have read things into your comment that are not fair.

    I hope you’ll agree that it would be good to avoid this becoming an issue of measuring the character of countries.

  17. Johnnie Moore


    Your points are well taken. I will admit that some of my comments are generalized, and I don’t

    have the benefit of knowing everything about this case.

    I guess this situation has struck a chord in me, and at times it’s distressing to hear contrary opinions to my own.

    My point about Indonesia making their minds up is opinion, yes…I base it on the testimony of Customs Officers. My opinion on this is that because of language barriers there easily could have been a misunderstanding. To say she admitted she had marijuana in her bag, to me, is far reaching.

    Any and all opportunities for her to prove her innocence were either not available, or downplayed.

    I certainly dont mean to insult Indoensians. It’s not my place for sure. I just believe that it was more important to find Schapelle guilty than to set her free. For better, or for worse.

    One question I have maybe you can answer. Has there been any effort to undergo a private investigation of airport baggage handlers?

    Sometimes in this country private investigations are more successful than public ones.


    Brian: Thanks for that and I appreciate the follow up.

    There’s a lot of confusion about the basic facts of the case and that’s certainly making a lot of people – including me – very uneasy about the verdict. You might find more information about some of the details on one of the sites dedicated to the case. A good one to start with is run by my friend Alan Singer.

  18. Alan Singer

    To Brian Deardon,

    I have been “campaigning” via my blog since March this year and in my heart, I do NOT know if Schapelle is innocent or guilty. (In fact, on balance, and taking everything into account, she MAY be guilty – in my mind, it is certainly a 40% – 50% possibility – HOWEVER, my whole point is this – she has not been PROVEN GUILTY beyond a reasonable doubt – I refer you to a quaote by a famous Bristish Jurist …

    “It is better that ten guilty escape than one innocent suffer.”

    Sir William Blackstone – English Jurist 1723 – 1780

    And on THAT basis, I say that GUILTY verdict and a 20 year sentence is completely unjust.

  19. Jack Yan

    I don’t wish to diminish valuable posts here, nor do I think Miss Corby’s case is a joke, but Alan Singer’s post reminds me of a line in Some Mothers Do

  20. Mark

    Just to highlight that Corby’s defence team came up with little evidence to support her claim of innocence and a 20 year sentence for drug smuggling is lenient in indonesia. If she had been found guilty in Malaysia she would have been sentanced to death.

  21. Fugly Bali

    On Trevor’s comment. IF everything he said is true then I would shift my opinion to believe that Schapelle Corby is guilty. However, if it were true, I think the Indonesian authorities would have made sure that everyone knew these facts, and would have made sure that press releases with this information were well distribited, if nothing else to placate us.

    (Posted by: John Wood at June 6, 2005 10:16 P)

    John, the government of Indonesia cannot interfere in the legal proccedings of Schapelle Corby. The government cannot tell the court what to do nor can the government show support to any side of the legal team…including handing out information or facts surrounding the case. The government can only ask the public to respect the courts proccedings and accept the verdict.

    Personaly, I think the defence team needs more work to obtain more convincing evidence, since the prosecution has already established a prima facie case. This is contrary to a mislead belief that Indonesian law does not respect the notion of “innocent until proven guilty”.

    20 years too harsh? Tell it to Corby’s lawyers.

    When in Rome do as the romans do..



  22. Martin (Slovakia)

    Schapelle Corby is innocent (or guilty in particular crime). I feel so sorry for her and I hope, that she will go back to Australia free or with reduced sentence. But, if she will cannot escape from this heell, then will be better when she will die as soon as possible. Death is better than “life” in Kerobokan hell. I hope that she will soon either free or dead. A matter of course better be, than she will escape alive from hell. She is jailed in filthy jail with crueal condition. Her jail is slowly torture. So I hope, that she will do away with herself. Suicide is now best chance for her. Death is better, than “live” in cruel, filthy indos jail.

  23. Martin (Slovakia)

    Mark: 20 year is lenient sentence? Are you idiot. This poor girl is in filthy jail with cruel conditions. She has no shower in jail, no bed in call, no climatization, no food. She has sexual abuse from male guards. Her “life” in this cruel jail is slowly torture. Slowly torture to death. 20 year sentence in this conditions, she cannot survive alive. So death sentence could be better for her. Death sentence is more humane, than life in indos jail. Death is better, than “life” in kerobokan prison.

  24. Jack Yan

    Martin, firstly Schapelle now has a bed and food. Her sister is there to make sure she gets what she needs. The rest: ‘climatization’ (not sure what this means), sexual abuse (are you sure?), filthy living conditions and no shower is pretty much standard in any “Third World” prison. This is what is known as ‘punishment’ for contravening the very stringent and well publicised drug offence law of Indonesia.

    I happen to agree with Trevor. It could possibly be that Corby is as guilty as charged, none of us can be sure. The evidence certainly points to this and what the Corby supporters seem to be missing is the reality that when you travel outside of Australia you become subjected to the laws of the nations you visit.

    It doesn’t matter squat what your stance is on penalties for possesion, importing or trafficking. It even doesn’t matter what your view of ‘justice’ is in terms of a court conviction (although it happens to be a falacy that Indonesia presumes one guilty until proven innocent, but that’s another example of how the media whips up public interest by deception). What matters is individual responsibility.

    It is likely – not absolutely – that Corby thought she knew the system of Indonesian immigration. I have been travelling in and out of Bali for over 20 years and have never had a bag opened upon arrival at Denpasar airport. In fact, I have always been greeted with ‘sweet little Balinese men’, smoking Gudam Garam and looking vaguely indifferent. Same story in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Kathmandu.

    For someone naive, this would seem ‘a piece of cake’, yet these guys are well trained in detecting any nervous or erratic behaviour. It’s their job to inspect incoming baggage and, as such, they are more than reliable witnesses if and when they find a stash of illegal dope. It’s their country, their law and they have every right to enforce it. They don’t discriminate either, but this accusation is a whole other matter.

    What has appalled me reading about the reaction to the Corby conviction (I’m Australian but reside in New York City) is the vehemence of racism, name calling, threats and utter stupidity of Australians who claim to ‘know’ that Corby is innocent. She may not be. Keep in mind too that the judges who convicted her are the very same judges in the very same court who convicted the Bali bombers, to the applause of the Australian public. Now they are ‘corrupt’?

    In ANY court of law, it is up to the defence lawyer to produce enough evidence to squash conviction. If anyone is to blame for Corby’s fate, it is her own defence team. Same all over the world – just read the latest here in the US: Edgar Ray Killan just got a verdict of manslaughter for his role in the slaying of Schwerner, Chaney and Goodman in 1964 (the famous case of deaths of three civil rights workers) because jurors said evidence fell short of a murder conviction. Michael Jackson got off too because of lack of convincing evidence of child molestation etc etc or, as juror#1 put it “it was the wrong family making the accusations”.

    Come on, Aussie, be rational. Corby was caught red handed and had no feasible defence. She can cry “someone made me do it” until the cows come home but that simply doesn’t hold up in a court of law. And there’s plenty of incentive to take hydropondic dope into Bali now that it’s no longer safe to buy it from Indonesians, who are usually police informants.

    I feel sorry for ‘the girl’ because of her own stupidity and I agree that the law is harsh but it’s THEIR law and they have every right to impose it as they see fit. When you decide to travel outside Australia, you have the choice to behave or not.


    Lookie, Australian monkeys!Lookie, Australian monkeys!

    When justice gets lost in translation

    Date: June 2 2005

    Is Schapelle Corby the victim of rough justice? Ask Chika Honda, writes Sushi Das.

    She was jailed for smuggling drugs into a foreign country. She claimed somebody else put them in her bag, but the judge didn’t believe her. Her lawyers fought language and cultural problems to put her case, but their efforts came to nothing.

    Schapelle Corby? No, her name is Chika Honda. Arrested in Melbourne, she served 10-and-a-half years in Victorian jails before being deported to Japan. Thirteen years on, she is still trying to clear her name.

    Miscarriages of justice, if that is what has happened in the Corby case, can happen in any country, even one with a sophisticated legal system untainted by corruption, such as Australia’s. Even one whose citizens presume to hold the moral high ground.

    Those using the Corby case to slander an entire nation, accusing Indonesia of having a barbaric legal system, where the judges are “monkeys” and justice goes awry, should reflect on the details of the Honda case.

    Chika Honda was one of four Japanese tourists found with heroin in false panels in their suitcases when they landed at Melbourne Airport in 1992. (A fifth man Yoshio Katsuno, was believed to be the main drug smuggler.) All had stopped over in Kuala Lumpur where they said the van containing their luggage was stolen.

    Yoshio Katsuno later told the others that their suitcases had been found, but because they were damaged, a friend of his had replaced them with new ones and transferred their belongings. All were charged in Australia with importing nearly 13 kilograms of heroin with a street value of between $20 million and $30 million. They claimed to be innocents abroad who were the victims of a set-up. But the court in Australia didn’t believe their story. Just like the court in Bali didn’t believe Corby’s.

    When they were found guilty in 1994, Judge Russell Lewis said foreign nationals convicted of importing drugs into Australia must be sent to prison.

    Yoshio Katsuno got 20 years behind bars. He is still in jail today. The others, Masahara Katsuno, Mitsuo Katsuno, Kiichiro Asami and Chika Honda, alleged to be drug couriers, spent 10-and-a-half years in jail before being deported in 2002. They have never stopped protesting their innocence.

    Having exhausted appeals to Australian authorities, 50 lawyers on their behalf have appealed to the United Nations Human Rights Commission in Geneva, arguing that their trial was a violation of their human rights because inadequate language interpretation affected their right to a fair trial.

    Chika Honda, the only woman in the group, came to represent the group’s innocence. Issues of language, money and cultural difference form interesting parallels between the Corby and Honda cases.

    When charged with a crime in a foreign country, language becomes crucial, but so does the need to maintain perspective. According to one Sydney shock-jock: “The judges (in Corby’s case) don’t even speak English, mate, they’re straight out of the trees.” By the same reckoning, the judge in the Honda case should have spoken Japanese.

    There’s also the issue of cash. Honda’s legal aid team could not afford investigators to mount a substantive defence. Money is also likely to be important in Corby’s future.

    Then there is the obstacle of cultural differences. The Japanese failed to aggressively assert their innocence in court. In Japan this is seen as culturally appropriate, but in Australia it’s seen as a sign of guilt. In Corby’s case, cultural differences were apparent in a courtroom where cameras were allowed and judges talked freely to the media.

    Much Australian public sentiment has savaged the Indonesian judicial system as primitive and brutal. Perhaps the Japanese thought that about Australia’s system.

    On returning to Japan, Masahara Katsuno said: “The current Australian judicial system has a very serious problem.” Mitsuno Katsuno said he believed racial prejudice was to blame: “I realised later on that in Australia, many Asian Australians committed crimes. That’s why I think they believed we were the same as them.” Chika Honda also spoke of injustice: “I was humiliated. I need some time to free my mind.”

    Honda has not given up her fight to clear her name. Two Australian legal experts are preparing a petition to the Governor-General requesting that he exercise a Royal Prerogative of Mercy. They are asking for her conviction to be nullified on the basis of new evidence yet to be revealed.

    It would be unfair to condemn Australia because of what some believe to be a miscarriage of justice in the case of Honda and her group, yet the Corby chorus has no hesitation in slandering all Indonesia for the Corby verdict.

    In what has become an embarrassing farce, with some Corby fans demanding the return of tsunami aid and calling for a boycott of Bali tourism, many are looking for reasons for the vitriol: racism, xenophobia, a feeling that Bali is an “Australian space”. But maybe there’s something deeper.

    What lies at the root of the Corby hysteria is a Eurocentric view of the world – a view that ultimately celebrates the rise and triumph of the West over the East. At the heart of this idea is an attitude that, broadly speaking, the West is dynamic, intelligent, rational, free, tolerant, honest and civilised, while the East is stagnant, ignorant, superstitious, enslaved, intolerant, corrupt and barbaric.

    At the beginning of the 21st century, the truth is the world is a global network of rich and poor countries. Only by ditching a Eurocentric perspective can it be possible to see that the world today is a result not only of European advances, but massive contributions by the East. What’s required is perspective and respect.


    Bint, thank you for posting that. How very appropriate to see the matter turned on its head, and to show how cultural differences alter perceptions.

  25. Johnnie Moore

    Yes, like Jack, I think that article makes salutary reading. As I’ve said in another post on this case, I’ve been shocked by the xenophobia triggered by this case, and also think we should be wary of sweeping judgements about how this case has been handled in Indonesia.

  26. bint

    Absolutely. I blame the Australian press for most of the hysteria over Corby’s detainment and sentencing. Mind you, the Corby family has done a good job of making fools of themselves as well. And now I see that Corby herself is sending out instructions from her cell; sacking her defence team, pleading for support from others as though she’s The Princess.

    All of this is being paid for by the Australian tax payers through legal aid, btw. Of course, it all makes good press. I think the Corby’s are a highly dysfunctional family with the typical bipolar characteristics including the “Someone else is to blame” line of reasoning.

    Hopefully, it will all soon be forgotten. Flights to Bali are being overbooked, thank goodness, so the ‘boycott’ seems to have backfired.

  27. Jack Yan

    Let’s say that the Corby case fell under the ‘white woman in distress’ category that the media are so good at cooking up (Jennifer Wilbanks, Jessica Lynch, Natalee Holloway

  28. Johnnie Moore

    re. ms. corby

    my view is she is as guilty as fucken sin.

    why not a lie detector test on all involved including her fine family.

    at least then we could make a consid ered response.

    after all she married a dog eater ,was a hosstes,

    thats another name for pro.

    and what the fuck is a 27 year old student beautiton .thats another word for dole bludger parasite.

    and how the fuck does the moll get her money ether on her back or did she plan to have the funds to backpack around europe in company with her fellow family of fucken drug pushers,.

    and since when is a pretty face and nice titts been the requsite for inocence.

    our country our fine people have been duped by a

    dole bludging ,drug pusher ,beauty student,prostitute,coniving pretty slut.

    if she had put her fucken hand up and shown some remorse she would be back flogging dope on the dole ,prostituting her self as shurey as she has done to the australion people.


    The Infadel: You’re entitled to your opinion but you attack a straw man. What she may or may not have done prior to arriving in Indonesia seems open to debate but ultimately what her family is like is surely irrelevant to her innocence or guilt.

    It bores me that that some people on both sides of this argument choose to argue by abuse.

  29. infadel

    Corby’s family has EVERYTHING to do with this case; it’s the cess pool she was raised in. I saw her father on video attempting to speak English and saying really dumb things like, “Schapelle experimented with drugs as a teenager of course, what kid doesn’t?” This was before her conviction!

    Come on, this is the new “who dunnit” for Australians and EVERYTHING is now relevant. Because Corby insists on her innocence – “someone else must have planted the dope in my boogie bag” – the case remains a ‘mystery’. Aussies love a good mystery.

    What we have here is an exceptionally dumb unachiever from a dysfunctional family who has ZERO analytical skills and who thought she could get away with ‘looking cute and innocent’ because the chances of detection seemed minimal to her. “Leave it all to me”, she says to her brother, “no one will suspect ME!”

    What has ‘feeling uneasy about the verdict’ got to do with anything? It’s not even in your ballpark to get so emotionally involved. Corby had the dope, she got caught, she was arrested, tried and convicted. End of story! What good would a lie detector have done? They are ALL lying, you twit.



    tell you what bores me is the girls blouse approach,and the indignant posture when an opinion is expressed in the no fucken bullshit australion way.


  30. Johnnie Moore

    Bint: I don’t understand how you can suggest a lack of achivement is evidence of guilt, any more than high achievement is evidence of innocence.

    You continue to slag off Corby and her family but just asserting something is not the same as presenting an argument.

    Infadel: Sorry you’re bored, I hope you find something more interesting to do soon.

  31. BeenStung

    If Schapelle Corby is guilty, I find it very difficult to understand how it can be that nobody has come forward with evidence that she ever previously dealt or was “around” drugs prior to getting arrested in Bali.

    Never mind “Why take Pot to Indonesia … ?”

    To me an equally significant question is, “How did a ‘beauty student’ who worked in her mum’s fish and chip shop manage to acquire (at least) $40, 000 worth of MJ in the first place?” If she grew it herself, my God ~ there would be SOME trace of it to be found, somewhere. This was a HUGE amount of the stuff!

    I’ve read that the Australian Federal Police “intelligence” managed to gather incriminating evidence on “the Bali 9” via phone records. Why have they been unable to find anything on Corby, via HER phone records, bank transactions, acquaintances, that sort of thing? It wouldn’t be hard to find something suspect, if she were guilty as charged. (The most I’ve heard is that she has a “half brother” in jail, and her father once got fined for possession of MJ about 30 years ago. If her family are in fact a “criminal network”, it’s a remarkably well~kept secret.)

    Somebody dumb (or arrogant) enough to think they could get away with smuggling 4.1 kilos of pot through three airports in a transparent bag inside an unlocked “boogie” board bag would be unlikely to have otherwise covered their tracks very well.

    I just can’t accept that she’s guilty, without any other evidence beyond the testimony of Customs Officials and the presence of the pot in her bag. It’s insane.

    Incidentally, still rolling my eyes here at the man who hates ‘female’ drug dealers (keyword, female I bet?) and left a mobile phone number and address for anyone annoyed enough to want to argue about it.

    Derryn Hinch has also said that Lindy Chamberlain was guilty, despite the case against her being shown to be utterly preposterous. He is pretty thick, but knows how to get ratings. Otherwise, he has no original insights.

  32. BeenStung

    P.S I’m offended by the level of misogyny there is directed at Corby, here and elsewhere. God forbid that we be “racist”, but it’s perfectly okay to SERIOUSLY cite Corby’s physical appearance as “evidence” of her guilt. The “pretty conniving slut” line of thinking, that Corby must have thought she could sweet~talk and manipulate her way past customs. Yeah right. It’s based on her appearance, and nothing else.

    Actually, it surprises me that Corby’s brother wasn’t charged too, even if they are both innocent (as I’m inclined to believe).

    Customs officials saw her brother carrying that bag, remember, and they initially held him too. There is just as much evidence to believe he was “in on it” as there is to think she is. (That is, zilch, but never mind, the drugs were in their possession.)

  33. Jack Yan

    Equally shocking is how the media seem to have abandoned her (as they once did Lindy Chamberlain once the story was no longer marketable). The last item I heard was reported with an air of disdain: Schapelle Corby has ‘fired’ her defence team. Assuming the pro-Corby camp is right, the saddest part is that the media won’t jump back on the bandwagon till her defence lawyers get her freed. I’m keeping an open mind either way: on the one hand I believe Schapelle when she said she found it curious her boogie board package’s zip was not in its usual position. On the other hand, failure to find evidence is not really an indicator of innocence; and evidently what was presented was insufficient. I don’t think I could comment beyond that without understanding more about Indonesian jurisprudence, civil law and examining the transcripts …

  34. trevor dunen

    People, I am six feet four and weigh 100 kilos, I spent many years bouncing in Hotels. I do not expect that to impress anybody, they are just the facts. I am a peace loving person, 43 years of age with a degree in the Arts. please refrain from abuse, and racism. Johnie Moore has it right. This is my opinion expressed in intelligent argument. Threats of hurting other people and racist taunts are only going to hurt everybody. Please stop calling the Indonesians monkey’s and stop this asking to withdraw donations given to victims in Timor. Why are you abusive and racist people so small minded and violent? Try and keep this all in perspective. Corby did not present a defence, she was caught red-handed and nobody else should suffer because of what she did or didn’t do, especially some poor peasant in timor who has five kids and is starving. We call ourselves a human race. What defines us from animals is that we care for each other. Corby knew the rules of indonesia and their laws. Such is life- as Ned Kelly said. She may well be innocent and if she is why should other Indonesians suffer? Why should their be war between two countries over a white anglo saxon woman who is probably a drug dealer, after all she is now convicted. Try and get this all into perspective. In another Ten years nobody will even remember Schapelle Corby. I’m pretty happy about that. In fact if nobody knew who Schappelle Corby was in ten days I would be pretty happy. The whole thing has got totally out of hand. Imagine the outcry if they had executed her, my God the Australian Governemtn would have had to declare war on Indonesia, that is how some of you behave. Please give this some thought before you over-react and write somehting totally ridiculous, you are making me ashamed to be an Australian.

  35. jackool

    Schapelle,the international beauty student

    What is a beauty student,thats a question i would like someone to answer,here is a 28 year old woman who has no history,we all go thru life leaving footprints,where weve worked were we lived,not this lady,if anything is a mystery, its schapelle.We know that her family is not rich,by their own admission,and yet this little lady flys frequently overseas,7 times to Bali,Tokyo and no one asks the quetion begging to be asked,where does she get the money,I work fulltime im on $45K yr and i cant afford to go to sydney more then once a year let alone 7 times to Bali,people say what she did in the past should not matter,but it does matter because the government of Australia is now using taxpayers money ,my money and your money to help this convicted drug dealer,thats right not alleged any more but convicted,and we should know what her lifes resume is,so far we know that she is a “beauty student”i love that, what does that mean,she likes surfing and flying around the world,she has worked the bars in Tokyo as a “hostess”love that term to,its a politially correct term for hooker and has been caught trafficking drugs to Bali,so lets put it in average aussie terms,she’s either on the “rock n roll” the dole,on her back or selling hooter,because no one cam afford her lifestyle on the dole or just being a “beauty student” dont you justlove that term,and if you were in prison she would be described as the drug pushing cracker from Tugun

  36. jackool

    Who cries for johnno(the speed cook)

    My mate Johnno is currently doing time for cooking speed,he got 3 to 5 and will be out in 2,he is inoccent,how do i know because he told me so,but alas no one cares,there are no websites dedicated to his release,no support groups to raise money for his appesl no t-shirts to sell,he is alone in his cell awake every night you see he cant sleep because since his been to prison hes started using speed,i visited him last week he told me the good thing about goee is theres just 2 more sleeps till christmas,poor johnno alone abadoned and unloved,we discussed Schappelle Corby he asked me why she is getting all the attention and no one cares a rats about him,i didnt have the heart to tell him that his got to go to the dentist and fix those gnawed teeth that have broken off,his got to start eating hes now 38 kl and some sleep would not go astray,he just doesnt look like the boy next door,you know the one that we all would like for a brother,he made some comment about if he had big tits and a nice smile they would help him,i told him not to be cynical that things would turn around,i asked him about how he got arrested and he told me that he got a call from a friend to go to some motel room and meet this girl and when he got there the door was opened and he walked in,he called out if someone was there but no answer,he noticed all these chemicals and vials but he didnt know what it was for,he thought he would wait for a while,and then all hell broke loose coppers every where,they took me away and charged me with cooking speed,mate he said, talk about injustice i cant even boil an egg let alone cook speed,it wasnt mine mate i swear i was just in the wrong place at the wrong time its a travesty but no one believes me,he told me he wrote to Schapelle for comfort and she replied that she knows what hes going thru,for she to is innocent too but the differnce is, johnno said why doesnt anybody believe me,i left the prison and the last words he spoke were still fresh in my mind,i dont know why no one believes you johnno but i do and i’m goint to start up a website to bring attention to your cause im naming it “free johnne the speed cook”i am goint to write to the Prime Minister for financial assistance and to send 2 Queens councils to handle his appeal,im going to write to all the book publising companies see if they want to buy his story,i’m going to have a “free Johnno the speed cook day”i do this because johnno denies any knowledge of the crime he was sent to jail for and i believe him,i just dont know how to tell him to get big tits and a warm smile,breast implants and a good dentist ,that will do it get that boy next door look and johnno mate you gotta learn how to cry, i know you cry alone mate but you gotta do it front of the cameras otherwise its a waste,onelast thing Johnno your dole payments have been stopped and someone rang your phone and your mum answered he wanted to know if you were interested in 40 packets of Sudafed your mum asked me what that was about i told her i didnt know but advised her to buy them in case it was important to your cause,Johnno hang in there mate don’t give up we’ll get you freed soon regards jack

  37. Jack Yan

    Jackool, while I found your comments hard to follow, I do feel for Johnno’s plight, as this is not unlike some of the other innocent Australians other visitors and I have written of. If anything, Miss Corby’s case highlights that Australia, too, has been guilty numerous times of miscarriages of justice—and yet do cases like Johnno’s get reported? No. You get reported if you fit in to the media’s idea of a damsel in distress—Schapelle Corby, Lindy Chamberlain.
       Secondly, there is a lot to be said about our media-obsessed world, and that if it’s not pleaded on TV, it suddenly becomes less credible, less important, when in fact the story you outline is perhaps no less poignant than many others. It’s almost sickening that if Johnno was an Australian who stumbled on to the same speed factory on foreign soil, or if it wasn’t speed but anthrax, then suddenly he would get attention, and maybe a bit of fairness to go with it all as well.
       I do base my comments on yours at face value, but if you’re correct, you have every right to campaign for your friend. And to succeed in that campaign.

  38. Chief

    Schapelle’s story is like a little golden book only in her case theres no happy ending.I am sick of her sob story , she is not as dumb and innocent as some people would like to believe.Too dumb not to notice the extra 4.1Kg in weight and too dumb to notice the boogie board bag looked 6 months pregnant?

    She is a veteran travelling to Bali with 6 trips and the brother in law and sister Mercedes were her delivery point.Wrap on the brother in law does not help because he is known to the surfies for more than just surf boards. The step brothers in gaol and she worked as a call girl in Japan..Now how would you see it if you were a magistrate!

  39. BeenStung

    Schapelle Corby has really done it now. First, she was guilty for being a drama queen and an actress because she cried ‘for’ the cameras, appearing at all times to be sweet and softly spoken. But that was then!

    Did anyone see her throwing a complete tantrum when TV cameras were trying to film her inside the prison yesterday? Looking and sounding very much like your typical ‘hardened’ average prisoner behind bars, she struggled with her jailors before screaming: “TAKE YOUR HANDS OFF ME! F__K OFF!” Then, turning directly to face the media contingent, she screamed again, ‘F__K OFF!” before being half dragged off to solitary.

    I predict a fair few people will now pronounce her guilty because they saw her acting like a ‘feral’, low-class ‘crazy bitch’ … all on TV.

    Ah, Schapelle. You just can’t win, can you?

  40. Johnnie Moore

    BeenStung: Sorry, I don’t find your argument very convincing. It’s perfectly likely that an innocent person would be very very angry and unwilling to cooperate with a jail system. None of the behaviour you describe proves guilt, it just proves she’s angry. And goodness knows how many of the commenters to this thread would be in jail now if we made that evidence of guilt.

    Insults and abuse do not constitute an argument. On either side of the debate.

  41. BeenStung

    Johnnie I assure you I’m in complete agreement. It doesn’t at all indicate her guilt. My point was, I’m willing to bet a few people who saw that footage and were generally unsympathetic to Corby will now say, ‘Ah-HA! See? That’s the real Schapelle – I knew she was really just as bad as the rest of her family. She was acting all sweet and feminine all along …’

    Which I think is utter bollocks.

    When your demeanor is under such scrutiny by the media, it must be very hard to ‘get it right’ all the time (Lindy Chamberlain wrote a sympathetic letter about Schapelle Corby to ‘The Australian’ saying much the same thing).

    Contrary to most media reports, I know very few Australians who feel much sympathy for Schapelle. Many, many people are unsympathetic believe they say she is ‘just an actress’, playing ‘damsel in distress’ for the sake of the ‘cameras’ (like she personally invited the press along). The media often reported what she wore, and I’ve even heard people say things like, ‘Oh, she wore that nice outfit because she knew it’d be reported on the front page the next day’ !

    ’twas ridiculous.

    And of course her anger was no indication that she was guilty. Just that I suspect a few simple-minded folk are bound to have leapt to the conclusion that her outburst equals ‘evidence’ (of guilt) already.

    Anyone remember that movie ‘In The Name of the Father’ about ‘The Guildford Four’ case in England? They’re surly demeanor and reputation for being ‘petty criminals’ went against them too.

  42. BeenStung

    P.S Johnnie and Jack: I can’t believe you could misunderstand my post to that extent. My fault I guess. I’m rarely succinct.

    By the way, I guess everyone out there has heard that a guy has just been caught trying to smuggle 13 kilos of Marijuana in ‘vacuum sealed bags’ at Sydney airport?,10117,15921723-2,00.html

    So much for that “As if anyone smuggling pot interstate would risk going through an airport, when they could just drive” school of thought.

  43. tim

    I can’t believe by reading all these posts how so many people comment on incorrect facts…

    Schapelle has not been to Bali 7 times

    The times she did go to Bali was on her way to and from Japan (where she worked in a hotel and on a tea farm with her then Japanese husband).

    Schapelle has always worked and has never been a dole bludger!!!!

    Marijuana is alot cheaper in Bali and even if it is better quality and imported from brazil it is still the same price or cheaper then in Australia.

    Schapelle was going for a 2 week holiday with family and friends so I can not see anyone selling 4 kg in only 2 weeks..(and losing money at the same time)

    so many people who have posted here have made up their own rumours and lies about Schapelle corby.

    The fact is she has no shit in her closet and is the innocent girl that she comes across..

    Criminals do traffic drugs by plane now as there are so many border patrols and every vecial is checked and even swabs taken on steering wheels to check for drugs. Any one who lives on the border of any state can back me up on this one.. If you happen to be crossing borders on the day they are checking, every car and truck is checked and there is no turning around or going down side streets as they will all be blocked!!!! It has been proved that our airports don’t have security so that is why drug crims have gone to transporting through the airports and people working at the airports are involved.. (it was all to easy untill the day Schapelle Corby was arrested in Bali when the pick up in Sydney went wrong).

  44. BeenStung

    Hey Johnnie, there have been some shocking and tragic updates to this case. Although a Bali High Court reduced Schapelle Corby’s sentence to 15 years last October, in January 2006, the Supreme Court of Jakarta saw fit to not only uphold the verdict, they INCREASED her sentence back to 20 years again.

    The court gave no explanation for this, and nor are they entitled to in Indonesia. Ms Corby will remain in jail until the year 2025; even with very good behaviour, she is not entitled to any remissions in her sentence for at least five years, and that much talked about “prisoner exchange” won’t even be considered until she’s served three quarters of her 20 year sentence.

    All because of a giant bag of pot I still think she didn’t know was in her boogie board bag.

    In other news, Corby’s lost a lot of popular support in Australia thanks to the antics of her teenage half-brother, James Kisina. Kisina was recently arrested on charges involving possession of cannabis and assault. Nothing on a par with drug smuggling huge amounts of cannabis, but still bad enough. You know what people are like. “Guilt by association” and all.

    Worst of all in the court of public opinion (and this was not widely known at the time) it just so happened that it was James Kisina, not Schapelle Corby, who was actually carrying the infamous boogie board bag containing the drugs through Denpasar’s main airport on the day of her arrest.

    Corby never even lifted the bag off the floor. Kisina carried it for her. So much for all the fuss over, “Why didn’t she notice the weight difference?”

    Corby and Kisina and two friends were making their way towards customs when a customs officer challenged them with the words, ‘Whose boogie board bag is that?’ By Corby’s own account, Kisina replied that it was his. Corby interjected: ‘No. It’s mine.’

    By truthfully claiming ownership of the boogie board bag (it was registered in her name), Corby sealed her fate with these words. From then on, it wouldn’t have mattered who put them there: she alone was guilty.

    And we will now never even know where the cannabis came from – against strong objections from Corby and her legal team, who wanted it DNA tested for place of origin (an unlikely objection from a guilty party), Balinese prosecutors recently destroyed the entire stash of cannabis found in her luggage. They refused to save even a sample of it.

    More information is now known about the cocaine smuggling ring in operation at Sydney International airport the day Corby flew out too. It seems a drug smuggling ring were in operation at the airport that day, corrupt baggage handlers definitely DID use a passenger as an ‘unwitting mule’ to smuggle cocaine [in his luggage] too.

    The passenger was flying from Argentina to Sydney to Brisbane. Corby of course was flying Brisbane to Sydney to Indonesia, at almost the same time too.The only reason anyone knows the other passenger is innocent is because customs had the baggage handlers under surveillance.He is one very lucky man.

    But the man and woman on the street aren’t interested anymore. “Aren’t all her family into drugs?” goes the argument.

    Yet another reason it must really, really suck to be Schapelle Leigh Corby.

  45. beensmokingwithshapelle

    I have been reading about this case for quite a while and there are a lot of people who declare that they know “the facts” which can differ a lot to somebody else who knows “the facts” as well. The fact is, that only Schapelle and possibly her travelling companions really know the facts and the rest of us and the Indonesian jutice system have to make a decision based on the evidence available.

    I do not know for sure whether she is innocent or guilty, but she was found with 4kg in her bag and would have had to have been quite unlucky to have been the victim of both australian baggage handlers and corrupt Indonesian customs offiials. People caught in possession of such quantities of drugs in Australia or the UK (my country) would also be arrested and charged and might also claim the drugs were planted and this argument is not going to cut much ice in our justice systems either. Whilst our systems are based around “innocent until proved guilty” after being caught in possession, it is naturally the defendant who will have more work to do in presenting their side.

    It is shocking to see the Australian xeonphobia and racism. There seems to be the view amongst so many that the justice systems of non western countries are automatically corrupt and the notion that the entire Indonesian population have are just being mean to Schapelle because she is white and Austrlian is absurd. It is particularly worrying that some would even see tsunami relief stopped because of it, as if it is somehow these innocent people’s fault what has happened to Schapelle.

    So to conclude, I do not know for sure if Schapelle is innocent or not, but it does not surprise me that she was found guilty and I think she would have been found guilty in Australia and the UK as well. The sentence is of course something that is hard to comprehend in comparison to our own drugs sentencing, although i have heard of worse, but this is their country and we all have to abide by the rules of other countries when we go there.


    Well, it’s out now. Jodie has been on Today Tonight and told her story but the bitch got paid – I won’t go on tv but I admit Mercedes and Shapelle have taken gear into Indo. I have smoked with Shapelle and bought gear from Mercedes. Big deal. It’s only weed. If only her stupid family had paid the magistrate like they were told to, and the media had shut up, she’d be home and we’d be on the pipe together again. Get home soon Shapelle. We miss you and look forward to getting bent together again.. xx

  46. wotthe

    Trevor your comments have many, forgetting the real issue. r u contradicting yourself when u drive round looking for smoko to get throw your long angry days you have,, oh no wait a moment,that big shipment was for many Australians not like yourself hey? funny how her brother quietly left his sister to deal with this while he went home and hasn’t been back to Bali since.. what a shame they kill smoke addicts and not the real dealers of many other crimes, wouldn’t u agree..PS. TO ALL .. if she didn’t get caught, she, they would be living it up thats for sure! LOVE A SMOKE MYSELF..

  47. Viv

    I see that some of us here are wanting Schapelle free…

    Free a criminal? How would you react if an indonesian came to Australia with a bag of drugs? Would you let him/her free because the country pleaded to do so?

    You sound like a bunch of criminals asking to free a criminal

  48. Trevor Dunen

    Well Schappelle has all but been forgotten, since all this happened it has come out that Schappelle was indeed a drug dealer, she was selling dope in Oz and the guy that supplied the dope to her that went to Bali has said so publicly on national Televison, a photo also came to light of Schappelle with a major dope dealer in Adelaide who is now serving hard time for dealing. Schappelle did the crime now the poor girl is doing her time, no new evidence has come to light and it never will, although her brother kicked a hydroponic dope dealers front door in in Queensland and stole all their dope, trouble is he got caught. That in itself is not evidence of Schappelles guilt, the fact that those that supplied her the dope that went to Bali have put their hands up is though. Schappelle is suffering mental illness now and recently set her hair on fire, unfortunately that won’t help. Schappelle will eventually end up back in Australia, a hardened and very ill and much wiser dope dealer in about 2025. All those naive fools who thought she was innocent were in fact wrong.

  49. Kelley Bastone

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