A few startling facts in this little video:

Hat tip: Steve Hardy, who also points to this very contrasting – and comforting – use of visual communication by fridge and stove.

UPDATE: I like Earl’s comment re the Shift video: ‘m a bit cautious of predicting exponential change in the same direction I have this nasty feeling that just when we think we are about to go through the roof, chaos has a way of opening up the floor. Discontinuity is nature’s way of saying “Gotcha”

UPDATE 2: I’ve revised the link to the YouTube created by Scott McLeod – there are some interesting comments there. The original presentation was created by Karl Fisch. A further hat tip to Ryan Lanham whose comment below revealed the the ancestry of this video. All three have gone into my feedreader.

2 thoughts on “Shift

  1. Jon Husband

    I second Earl’s position …

    … And for sure there are some really interesting shifts ahead of us that we will witness together.

    I suspect that we will run across some significant surprises along the way to whatever collective intelligence we may be able to grow, with conflicts as the fertilizers.


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