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I’ve started reading Sig’s blog as it’s engaging and suitably quirky. For instance, in this post, he takes on people who ask these questions

“Who’s your market”, “how will you enter the market?”, “how will you reach the decision makers?”, “what’s your go-to-market strategy?” and “what’s the value proposition for your target market?”

Here’s how he visualises his experience of this approach…

… before giving some pithy alternatives which I recommend reading in full. For me, the best insight was this:

Neither I nor you is the market!

I think that captures lots of wisdom about how marketing really works in a networked economy. What if we’re all tiny pieces of a bigger picture? Not the masterful geniuses tasked with finding the lever to make everyone else bend to our purpose.

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  1. Graham Hill


    Whilst it is tempting to want to democratize marketing or to open-it-up (as a mutual friend says), it is not always possible, or desirable.

    What works in some circumstances for a start-up (but not in as many ways as Sig’s Blog suggests) doesn’t work nearly so well for an established organisation. Marketing has to plan the resources it requires and use to them wisely. Otherwise it doesn’t deserve to have any and very quickly the CMO will be sweeping the streets for a living. Just opening up marketing in its entirety to the whims of a self-organising market is a recipe for disaster. Or for a few well-known products, for total success! But it is just too risky for most organisations.

    The trick is to know what marketing needs to be planned and what needs to be experimented upon. This is the real job of the CMO.

    Asd the old saying goes, “It is very difficult to get anywhere, if you don’t know where you are going!”.

    Graham Hill

    Independent CRM Consultant

    Interim CRM Manager


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