Slouching towards success

I’ve not blogged for a week. The inspiration just hasn’t been there for a few days and it’s good to award myself a few days off. So it seems fitting to resume with a lazy post about Evelyn Rodriguez’s entry Slouching towards success.

Much of the essence of Tao is in the art of wu wei (action through inaction). However this does not mean, “sit doing nothing and wait for everything to fall into your lap”. It describes a practice of accomplishing things through minimal action. By studying the nature of life, you can affect it in the easiest and least disruptive way (using finesse rather than force).

I’d like to tel you I’ve been practising We Wei this past week, but that’d be fibbing.

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  1. Crossroads Dispatches

    Wrestling the Ocean: Follow-up To “Slouching towards Success”

    After the Slouching Towards Success post, I myself was more curious about the wu wei principle and its applications. I heard the best description of wu wei this weekend. And it was not a lecture on wu wei. Imagine you


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