Small gestures…

Years ago I was at a fascinating workshop exploring the drama triangle. That’s an idea from transactional analysis that sees people playing one of three postions when in conflict: persecutor victim or rescuer.

The trainer asked us to play out little scenes in which we tried out the various roles. She offered this sidecoach: see if you can persecute someone with just your eyes.

This is fun to try. I have such a hopelessly mobile face that I find it almost impossible. When I try to change the nature of my eye-contact, all sorts of other bits of my body move as well.

Still, it did teach me that even very slight shifts can have major emotional impact.

More recently, I was in Helsinki running a workshop with Viv and Simo. He was showing us some status games and I shared this training exercise with him. He loved it (Simo is one of the world’s most enthusiastic people) and we played with it a lot. His enthusiasm got me excited.

Later that day, the three of us were doing some problem-solving type work with people. (This was a workshop for facilitators). We came up with what we laughingly called The Helsinki Method, but which we’re now calling Action Storming.

1 thought on “Small gestures…

  1. Tim Kitchin

    I like this a lot Johnnie – very particularly the exchange of perspectives. We do, not just objectively, but certainly subjectively, switch between these roles.

    And I deeply believe that triangulation or trialogue can be a path to transcendence, not just compromise…


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