So now I’m published

I popped over to Kogan Page yesterday to pick up my own copy of Beyond Branding. (It’s quite handy that my publisher is a 10 minute walk from where I live).

So now I’m a published author for the first time. Even if only the published author of one chapter! It’s a strange experience… I’m not quite sure what I feel though I’m telling myself I should feel something.

Anyway I’ve anxiously re-read my chapter and not found any typos in it and feel… pleased with it. I like the book as a whole, it’s not a conventional “how-to” marketing tome; it’s more of an attempt to interrupt conventional marketing thinking by people who have worked inside marketing and accept that much of the No Logo criticism has justification.

And now I’m working on an idea for a book with Tim Kitchin where I’ll be able to say more. We’re working on a theme of the importance of mutualism, an effort to break down the rigid roles of buyer and seller in favour of a more collaborative way for stakeholders to engage with each other.

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