Social recruiting

Jon Husband spotted this story in the Toronto Globe and Mail: Employers sidestep recruiters to tap social media.

An entrepreneur seeking to fill 17 positions asked his employees to share them on Facebook and LinkedIn, and tweet them and encourage re-tweeting. He’ll host an open house expecting a thousand people to show up. His costs will be massively lower than running newspaper ads or forking over commission to a recruitment firm. Not to mention the likelihood of other word-of-mouth opportunities arising, nor the degree to which new faces will be somewhat verified by a social network.

We live in interesting times.

1 thought on “Social recruiting

  1. Paige

    It’s true. As a small business owner I have a hard time coming up with the costs needed to list on places like Workopolis or Monster, so we ended up just listing on Craigslist, then used Jobteria to engage everyone in the company to rate and review the candidates and find the best. Normally we struggle to find one, but we actually had it down to three awesome finalists. Social recruiting is here to stay!


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