Steve Ellis has a very nice summary of soundbites from the recent Dachis Social Biz Fest. Stuff like this really does feel like a good substitute for going to events especially those with mostly experts-opining formats. I liked this bite from Frank Eliason:

Metrics won’t get you anywhere. Take the customer’s story and stick it in the face of your executives.

And this too:

Social media will drive culture change. Don’t try and change culture to enable social media. It won’t happen.

I also liked this from John Hagel:

Knowledge is created through friction not consensus.

FWIW, I am glad I didn’t spend a lot of money to hear this from Sam Decker, though it’s mean to sieze on it out of context:

To get attention you have to use the language of business. Ask yourself, will the CEO understand what you are talking about?

The “language of business” is usually an invitation to take a good story and make it dull, safe and boring. And I’m wary of any sign of the cult of the CEO as some remote creature unlike the rest of us.

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