Spam Bayes

On this tip from Jon Strande I installed SpamBayes to Outlook. It’s a cool bit of open source software and after a few days training it’s working very efficiently to separate the spam from the ham in email. I’m a novice with Bayesian filters but I found it fascinating as it starts to understand my own personal idea what is Spam and what isn’t.

A good side effect is that it nudged me to review all the enewsletters I get and to unsubscribe from those I never actually read.

2 thoughts on “Spam Bayes

  1. Marc Orchant

    John – SpamBayes is a great tool. I’ve been running it on my Outlook for months and it gets smarter everyday! As an added bonus, it works and plays well with the built-in Junk Mail filter in Outlook 2003 whhich is not true for all filtering apps.


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