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Geeks only update: I’ve installed the Ccode plugin to frustrate comment spam. It seems to work a treat; not one spam comment reached my filters since installation and it’s more user friendly than a captcha.

I’ve also fiddled with tags. The new Movable Type tags don’t seem to register with Technorati so following a discussion on Elise’s blog I’ve created a work around. (Creating some additional technorati friendly iterations of tags set as invisible text to avoid repetition)

2 thoughts on “Spam plugin

  1. billg

    The MT tags are implemented as searches. Clicking one simply launches an internal search of the site using the same routine that’s used when you use the searchbar.

    If you’re so inclined, you can edit the template tag code to generate Technorati-style tags.

  2. Johnnie Moore

    Hi billg: Thanks for dropping by. I probably wasn’t very clear, but that’s exactly what I have done. I’ve created a separate set of tags using code to work with technorati. I’ve rendered them so that they’re not visible onscreen (I’ve already got the MT tags for that) but should register with the “powers that be”. Fingers crossed, anyway.


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