Starbucks gets free consultancy

I wonder how much attention the folks at Starbucks are giving to Paul Williams and John Moore? These guys are serving up so much free consultancy I’d have thought someone there might feel the need to appreciate the effort.

Mischievous thought: Perhaps they’re too busy trying to create new ways to build community that they’ve forgotten the simpler option of just joining one that’s been created for them.

3 thoughts on “Starbucks gets free consultancy

  1. Patrick McGraw

    I think you could exchange ‘You know damn well’ for ‘Mischievous’. 🙂 Talk with the customer?? Sorry, I have meetings all afternoon with co-workers and agencies.

  2. gcw

    You know, I think this is probably the best thing to happen to those clowns out in Seattle in a long time. John told me that he’s aware that some of the directors have seen the series, but he doesn’t know if Howard has, or not.

    I’m an alleged “barista” in the Indianapolis area and Starbucks is a joke. I make better coffee in my $30 Mr. Coffee with SB beans, and they have us pushing $145 brewmasters on nurses at the hospital across the street. Wht don’t they let us wear masks and pull guns on them? I’d feel better about taking their money.


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