Staring, take 2

Ah maybe the living statues from the Apprentice (see entry below)were trying to emulate bright, happy children. As per Anita Sharpe’s interesting post on Worthwhile.

“After finding that about one child in 30 is brilliant and happy (Harvard psychologist Burton) White did a great deal of research to determine what demographic or psychological characteristics distinguished those children. But the children came from a wide variety of backgrounds — rich and poor, small families and large, broken and stable homes, poorly and well-educated parents — and from all parts of the U.S. Finally, through extensive questioning, he determined that the bright and happy children had only one thing in common: All of them spent noticeable amounts of time staring peacefully and wordlessly into space.” — Michael Ray and Rochelle Myers (from Creativity in Business)

Somehow I think Donald’s friends haven’t quite got it right.

2 thoughts on “Staring, take 2

  1. Evelyn Rodriguez

    I love Michael Ray’s stuff; he’s a prof at Stanford University Business School and teaches a personal creativity in business course. I’ve quoted him before too.

    I’m betting he’ll have more influence on the next generation of Stanford MBAs than The Apprentice.

  2. Johnnie Moore

    Evelyn, yes I think I’ll get his book for one of my long flights. I was attracted by the postive reviews on Amazon. And even more by the outraged one-star ones from the rational dogmatists!


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