Stuart giving up…

Stuart Henshall is Giving up Traditional Blogging.

I’m seeing signs that blogs are declining in usefulness and utility as they are pushed into activities they are not suited for.

I plan on being a more collaborative contributor. Oh I want to own my own words, and I hope create and nurture new pages to life. However, they shouldn’t stop there. For the most part a blog is a static repository while the world is a living organism. I want to breath life into change. Thus I need to open source my approach to writing, sharing, and becoming part of a broader collective intelligence. You simply can’t do that with blogs. Oh you can share editing privaledges and blogs are excellent at top down hierarchical communications. So blogs are blasted out into the blogosphere and if you are lucky you are swamped with links and trackbacks. Then posts age and they are forgotten.

It’ll be interesting to see where Stuart goes next with this. Sounds like he envisages more of a cross between blog and wiki.

Meanwhile, I would say for myself that there’s blogs and then there’s what happens in the spaces between the blogs. The stuff that happens in the spaces – not the comments or the pings, but the thinking and sense of connection of ideas – doesn’t show on the blog, but it’s there. If Stuart can pioneer a way to make the spaces more electric, that’ll be cool.

In closing, Stuart asks

So will you too find a new form of blogging next year? How will your blogging change? I’d be interested to know.

I’ve learnt that I am not much good at predictions, but I hope that my blog will surprise me next year.


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