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I went to see Supersize Me tonight. At times funny at times painful, it certainly socks it to the fast food industry. I left feeling quite depressed about the picture it painted of the state of the American diet. And angry at the stupidity and wastefulness inherent in marketing this stuff to us down the years, and I guess at our credulity in buying into it.

Interested to see that McDonalds bought the last advertising slot before the movie to publicise their UK “supersizeme-thedebate” website – catchphrase “a balanced diet, a balanced debate”. Not much of a debate here really, just a smoothly worded rebuttal. For me it lacks the dry humour of Morgan Spurlock. I find it very hard to feel any sympathy for McDonalds after being reminded of their vast investment in promoting junk food to kids for decades. Of course, it would be ludicrous to expect McD’s to have any blogs or genuinely interactive forum for a debate about this.

6 thoughts on “Supersize Me

  1. Kevin Glover

    McD’s has been trying to push the balanced diet schpiel for years (I know, I worked on their account- you know al that wonderfully disingenouous copy about healthy nutrition? That was me).

    McDonald’s is stuck for reasons much deeper than the movie talks about… the great corporate/franchisee impasse.


    Rather amusingly, in the Broadway in Nottingham they had to switch screens for the film. However, McDonalds had paid good money for the last advertising slot only in the screen where it was originally intended to be shown. So, the advert ended up playing before some completely random film instead of Supersize Me.

  2. Jessica

    I am watching SUPERSISE ME now…it has really surprised me…earlier today I had fastfood (Wendys) an am actually feeling quite sick…I dont think I’ll be eating fast food for a while….if not ever again

  3. Larry G

    I’ve heard about “Supersize Me” for quite some time… since it came out and everyone got a taste of realization. I must say… I usually eat McDonalds or other fast foods on a normal basis 2-3 times a month… maybe more. Although I try and select better choices of meals, I soon found while watching the movie in school that there is NOTHING, seriously nothing on Mcdonalds menu that is ANY good at all. The movie has pushed me to not eat McDonalds any more… and it actually turns me away when I see the food after watching the movie. Kids should not be introduced to these terrible junk foods, as so many of them are overweight, including my 4 year-old neice. All I can say is McDolalds and other fast foods have brainwashed the American society and have made us Americans that much more Lazy.

  4. Johnnie Moore

    I am sorry you people are little cry babies… there are sites if you surf the web that tell you the healthy options at McDonald’s… you can eat 3 meals a day plus snack and not have those problems


    Hi Chuck, thanks for your comment. I think the film is making a deeper point about the state of our diets and how corporate America responds. Sure, you can eat lettuce at McDonalds, but it’s not what they’re pushing.

  5. Johnnie Moore

    Thanks for this movie. My kids (11 & 16) and I sat down and watched the movie together. It made quite an impact on our lives and our diets.

    Although McDonalds and many other fast food chains are seriously at fault here, we ultimately are the ones who make the choices. I am more concerned about what is being fed to our children in school.

    We, as adults, often laugh about how bad school cafeteria food is but do nothing about it. If parents (those that gave a damn) were to make one visit to our schools during lunch hour and be required to eat what they are serving our children, things probably would change.

    We wonder why kids today have so many behavior problems and so many are diagnosed with ADHD. Our kids are being primed for obesity, from the time they are old enough to expereience school lunches.

    One of our best defenses is to educate again and again until it takes, about what the food industry including Sodexho is really all about, and it ain’t about nutrition…

    Thankfully, it seems to be working in my house anyway. My eleven year old son now takes his lunch to school and refuses to eat at McDonalds.

    I am currently brainstorming ideas for ways to get Sodexho out of our local schools.


    Sue that’s very interesting. Absolutely, let’s not just blame corporations, let’s take responsibility for what happens too.

    You say thanks for the movie… I agree, I’m just a fan of it sharing my thoughts too.

  6. Brittany

    i think this movie really opens up people’s eyes and shows just how bad fast food, in particular, mcdonald’s is for your body. people should learn to treat their bodies right and this film shows how bad these things are for your body


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