4 thoughts on “Surprise

  1. Lars Plougmann

    Hi John,

    Looks like your blog software hiccuped. This post shows up three times.

    Tuesday an idea came to me inspired by a blog post I read about WEB 3.0, suggesting that it is really more about Human 2.0…

    So, I am doing an experimental blog on what came to me the morning after reading that post. It’s at https://thebetaproject.org

    Look forward to sharing space with you again sometime.

    – David


    Nice photo of you in action.

    But before I read the description I thought it was a photo of you waking up somebody who was trying to get a cheeky nap in: “Surprise, here is Johnnie”. The gentleman to his right seems to be laughing his head off.

  2. Johnnie moore

    Hi David: Thanks for pointing out the glitch, I have been having gremlins posting lately. I’ve deleted the repeats.

    Hi again Lars. Enjoyed your interpretation of the picture, it’s funny to reminded of how things seem through other perspectives.

  3. andrew

    Hi Johnnie – how come guys like you get all these good, effective, humour inducing, feel good ideas and jerks like me, who are like nearly as co-creative as guys like you never seem to cotton on. What’s going on?


  4. Johnnie moore

    Hi Andrew: Hmm, I wonder if you’re being a touch ironic here?

    We can take this snapshot of one moment at one event and make all sorts of meanings out of it. I chose to make one meaning, about the value of surprise and about getting to enjoy being surprised.

    Of course you could take it to mean that I try to sell my work as being all laughs. Thanks for prompting me to say that it isn’t, not by any stretch. I’ve been thinking of blogging more about how I experience my work more as being a state of trial and error a lot of the time so I’ll treat your comment as an encouragement to do that.

    And I think the point about being co-creative is that it doesn’t make sense to think of one person being more or less of it than another.


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