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McCracken on the Tahoe

Grant McCracken weighs in on the hoohah over the Chevy Tahoe user-generated ad effort. He puts it better than I did.

There is a fundamental shift in the rules of the game of marketing. We have to change our risk tolerances. We have to understand that the marketer’s work once so dominated by risk avoidance, is now much more about risk management.

Chevy mixes it up

It’s been fun watching the frenzy over the Chevy Tahoe ad campaign. GM started a competition for anyone to create an ad for their SUV and some folks created some rather sharp entries highlighting the ecological downsides of SUVs. I think this is all excellent and I don’t share what appears to be the prevalent view that this is some kind of PR disaster for GM. Lots of us harbour a dread of the power of large corporations. I’m more inclined to cheer their willingess to take a risk than perpetuate the idea that big companies are inherently incapable of courting controversy, engaging their customers, and being willing to be changed by what happens. Looks like James feels the same way.