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Speed of conversation…

David Weinberger writes:

There must be a mathematical way to express the Law of Conversational Overclocking: As the acceleration of conversation increases past the maximum speed of thought the quality of conversation deteriorates.

In fact, isn’t there a sweet spot, which varies by topic, medium, number of participants, and personality? Conversations improve as they approach a certain velocity, and then deteriorate rapidly, until they break the Unsound Barrier (where the laws of logic go through a singularity), at which point the conversation just is no more?

I think changes of pace are key; there is no magic speed.. sometimes fast is fun and engaging; sometimes slow and reflective is luxurious…

Animated conversations.

“I don’t read any more. I just talk to people who have.” – Dr Tom Malloy University of Utah quoted by Paul B Hartzog at Many2Many.

Hartzog continues

When two people have a conversation, they act as proxies for the many ideas in their heads which are drawn from the many things they have read. In effect, a conversation is a many-to-many interaction that is both mediated and moderated by the participants. The individuals catalog, sort, tag, and filter ideas as they are drawn into the shared space of the conversation.

So a conversation can be the little bridge across which the ideas inside us leap. Interesting perspective.