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Leadership or fellowship?

Declan Elliott notes that

A quick search on Amazon.com returns 17 879 titles on Leadership 21 titles on followership and 2,716 titles on Fellowship.

Hmmm, interesting. So lots of people are into leadership, but following is well out of favour. Which could be a recipe for frustration, don’t you think?

Now fellowship, that strikes me a theme that deserves much more of our attention and points to an escape from what could be a blind alley. In fellowship, I think we might allow leadership, and followship, to be things that move moment by moment from one person to another – and at best, maybe in fellowship we stop worrying about who leads and who follows. There are some great improv exercises to explore this territory.

At some point I may expand this to talk about how many of the conversations we’re offered are about either being propositioned, or propositioning someone. For me, fellowship involves a less instrumental way of experiencing each other, something for which I feel quite hungry these days.