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Not alone

Skimming the technorati london tag I found this message of support from Sokwanele: This is Zimbabwe:

We Sokwanele send our condolences to all the people of London at this frightening time. We encourage them to stand strong in the face of evil and to not let cowardly acts of terrorism destroy their optimism or belief in themselves, their country or their values. We are right behind you in spirit.

So who are Sokanwele? Their blog bravely documents the daily suffering of Zimbabweans under Robert Mugabe. These are people who understand courage. Consider Flame Lily’s story here, telling how she was arrested for selling her own clothes. or Faithful’s report of a woman chased by police for four loaves of bread.

Or consider this:

Just look at the number of people in this picture attending the Live 8 concert in Hyde Park, London. How frightening it is to think that mugabe’s cruel ‘Operation Drive Out Trash’ has succeeded in making MORE people than these depicted here homeless and destitute in the past month.

I feel humbled, and touched, by a message of support from these brave souls.