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Jory on Authenticity

One of the good things about More Space is that you can listen to each of the chapters as an mp3 (just register at the More Space website for free access). I enjoyed reading Jory des Jardins‘ chapter in its early draft – and I enjoyed it even more in the audio version over the weekend.

Partly because her theme is “the inevitability of authenticity” partly because it is told as a personal story it’s good to hear her tell it in her own voice.

Jory’s talks about the difference between being taken for who you are, warts and all, versus being hired on superficial appearances. Here’s how Jory used to see things

To me, getting jobs was tantamount to having a bag of tricks. I could pull any combination of delightful qualifications, based on the hiring manager’s need and what I’d read about in the company’s culture.

She tells how she made the transition to authenticity with humour and candour.

I didn’t suddenly decide to be authentic. I had simply given up on my need to be “on”, to sell myself. If I went to my computer feeling gross, the gosh darnit, I’d let the scant few who happened to bump into my blog know it. Instead of trying to produce content, I simply translated the thoughts, the impulses that were already there… It was around this time that I generated readers, not traffic.

I like that distinction between traffic and readers. I think it’s a nuance that a lot of marketing misses when it gets fixated with metrics for “impacts”. Losing some of our “persona” and showing some vulnerability can be a key to creating vibrant relationships. Jory does a nice job of describing her path to this.

More Space

More Space – Nine Antidotes to Complacency in Business is being published on 25 October. I’m one of nine bloggers who’ve written chapters for this new book, which (as you might expect) is being offered in multiple formats. First, there’s the book itself, which you can buy here for $24.95. Or if you’d like to take it as a free pdf, or in html, or audio format, then you need to go to the More Space website.

As the back cover blurb says, “Each author challenges the premise that places of business can only be cold and uninspiring. By sharing their own experiences they offer up ways for you to re-ignite passion and enthusiasm in your work.”

This project has been in gestation for several months and I’m excited about it. My own chapter is called Simple Ideas, Lightly Held. In part, it’s a crie de coeur against efforts to treat business, and life in general, as complicated rather than complex. The complicated worldview produces lists, dogmatic notions of best practice and excessive reverence for experts. The complex worldview, on the other hand, means we can enjoy the excitement and vitality of life created moment-by-moment – a game for all to enjoy, not just a knowledgeable elite.

Or something like that. The chapter is built around a series of exercises which you can do with a partner. So it’s a bit more than just a read.

I’ll be writing more about the book – and some of the other chapters – later.