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Our Social World

Hugh talks about why people aren’t flocking to Our Social World. I agree with him that (to quote the Open Space mantra) the people who come are the right people. I also have a feeling that blogging is just starting to “tip” in the UK. James and I are finding that PR agencies are now anxious to hear about blogging; six months ago they weren’t interested.

I’m looking forward to the conference and getting some sparky conversations going.

Our Social World

I’m taking part in Our Social World on Friday September 9th in Cambridge.

There’s an interesting collection of speakers and topics including Hugh who argues “marketeers are going to have to act more like techies and less like pony-tail creatives”. That’s handy, I’ve just had a crew cut so a pony tail is well beyond my reach.

Suw Charman is talking about Dark Blogs – what goes on behind the firewall. I’m intrigued by Julian Bond‘s idea of “The culture of the office memo”. Lee Bryant has some fascinating ideas about using social tagging – and applies them practially to improve understanding between “experts” and patients in the health system and elsewhere. I’m not sure if Stowe Boyd is going to make it , but it would be nice to meet the man behind Corante.

There’s lots more on the menu.

I’ve now got three weeks to come up with something mildly disruptive and engaging to do, which needs to be very interactive and completely free of the curse of powerpoint…