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Quote for the day…

Jeff Risley quotes Robert Fulghum in his book Maybe maybe not:

“I do not believe that the meaning of life is a puzzle to be solved. Life is. I am. Anything might happen. And I believe I may invest my life with meaning. The uncertainty is a blessing in disguise. If I were absolutely certain about all things, I would spend my life in anxious misery, fearful of losing my way. But since everything and anything are always possible, the miraculous is always nearby and wonders shall never, ever cease. I believe that human freedom may be stated in one term, which serves as a little brick propping open the door of existence: Maybe.”

I love that bit about the little brick propping open the door of existence… and the closing maybe, too. Although the quote is new to me, I too have sometimes interrupted my own neurotic self-talk with the statement that I’m not willing to treat my life as a problem to be solved. It often works a treat.