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Reflections on Reboot

I’m back home from Reboot8 feeling very energised by the whole experience and reflecting on why I got so much from it.

Generally, I don’t enjoy conferences. I find I get uncomfortable if I have to sit for too long in an audience listening to a series of presentations. This also applies to panels and Q & A sessions as well… essentially any format where one person at a time gets a microphone. Unless that person is me… and even then I have my reservations. There were points at Reboot where I experienced severe presentation fatigue – but fortunately Reboot offers a great informal social space for informal conversations. I skipped many sessions in favour of chatting with old friends in the cafe area or terrace. A few minutes of good conversation and my fatigue vanished. Towards the end of the first afternoon, when I was feeling conferenced out, I skipped the evening events and gathered with a few friends for an excellent dinner which once again restored my energy.

It seems that other people have longer attention spans and they got more from the formal sessions than I did. And the great thing is, some of them write blog posts with the highlights, and I can read these at my leisure later. They digest the powerpoints for me and feed me back the highlights, with some reflections of their own. It’s funny that I found Bruno Giussani’s engaging reflections via a blogger who wasn’t even there at the conference, Mark Lloyd.

This way, I feel I get the best of both… key ideas from the presentations and all the satisfaction of looser and more informal conversations. I am left wondering how many of those sitting in on lots of formal presentations were getting what they wanted… but I certainly got my needs met.


At Reboot

So I’m here at Reboot8 having too much fun to spend much time blogging. But here are a few soundbites from Doc Searls who is speaking at the moment. Not sure if they’ll make sense out of context but it’s good stuff, trust me.

The real killer app is relationships

On the live web, the demand side is supplying itself

Industrial publishers create finished works

The best of blogging is rolling snowballs

Podcasting is part of the great unbundling

Power isn’t redistributed,it’s re-originated

In the live web, the value chain is replaced by the value constellation

There’s no marketing in the attention economy, just sales

We think the internet economy is about your choice of silo. It isn’t.

The best blogging is provisional it’s not finished or final

That’s it, think of this as a provisional post, I might add more later.