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I’ve upgraded to Movable Type 3.34 and am now using their own version of Tags. Does Technorati recognise them? I used this plugin to convert my old Technorati tags. And should I be getting rid of all the +s (I used to tag social software as “social+software”). And should I alternatively get a life?

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  1. billg

    MT’s tags don’t use Technorati’s format. They’re basically a canned search using MT’s search routine. I.e., click on a tag and MT will search for all instances of the word in the blog.

  2. Neil T.

    billg is right, and also wrong; you can leverage MT’s tag system to work with Technorati, and this may be the default way it works now, but you may need to edit your templates. I can’t find the documentation on the Technoarti site to confirm how it picks tags up, but the way I do it is by altering my RSS/Atom feed so that the categories defined for each entry correspond to the tags I’ve assigned it. So, in my atom feed, I have the following (as an example):

    <category term=”shockwave” scheme=”https://www.neilturner.me.uk/tags/shockwave” label=”shockwave” />

    That says that the entry belongs to the ‘shockwave’ category (which is actually a tag) and where the user can view all related entries with that category/tag.

    I don’t know if this will help you or make any sense to you, but hopefully it will make the point that what you want to do is indeed possible 🙂

  3. jackvinson

    Technorati uses the rel-tag microformat.


    I spoke to some of there staff (and authors of the rel-tag spec) once and they told me that their systems do quite a bit of normalization to any tags they pick up in order to connect different forms. So that San%20Francisco = san+francisco = sanfrancisco.

    The key part is that your hyperlink uses a rel=”tag” attribute and that “the last path component of the URL is the text of the tag.” It is NOT what is inside the tag. So for instance…


    …would be tagged “tech” and not “fish.”

    Hope that helps.


    There is nothing preventing MT from publishing tags and categories in a way that Technorati will understand them.

    In fact, there is a much easier way than using the reltag microformat with Technorati. If you ping technorati when you update, it comes by your blog and reads your web feed. Just publish each of your tags in a category XML tag:



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