Telling stories

I’ve been enjoying Jon Strande’s Storyblog and finally got round to sending him a story I liked (The Rabbi’s Gift). There are a few different versions online but I decided to write my own version because… well because I felt like it I suppose. This took a lot longer than just sending a link to an existing version but was quite fun to do. One of the nice things about storytelling is that everyone can add, consciously or not, their own spin. They can put a little of themselves into the story. Comparing my effort with others, it’s interesting to see the little differences of emphasis. Big lesson here for brands – are you leaving people the space to put their own riff on your story?

After sending Jon the story, I went out for lunch with my copy of the Art of Possibility. Resuming reading, after two pages I came across… Ben and Roz Zander’s version of the same story. Cue music from the Twilight Zone.

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