Ten tips…

Regular readers (both of them) will know I have a bit of a phobia about lists. And I’m making an exemption for Kathy Sierra especially her post Ten Tips for New Trainers/Teachers.

This morning I particularly liked Number 9:

Know why people often learn more from seeing the wrong thing than they do from seeing the right thing. Know why the brain spends far less time processing things that meet expectations, than it does on things that don’t.

This may be connected with my also liking points 11 and 12.

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  1. Synesthesia

    A List I Don’t Mind

    Kathy Sierra has written a great post on the “Whats” and “Hows” of being a good teacher/trainer. Unlike Johnnie Moore I’m not worried about lists if they give you useful information in a digestible form – especially if (a…


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