The being:doing gap

Viv has just written about cause and effect thinking, partly inspired by Shawn’s sketch I just blogged about.

I’ve been pondering the need to be seen to be DOING the need to produce OUTPUTS or PRODUCTS and the dilemma of the intrinsic worth of simply BEING with others and having conversations.

This.. situation often arises when I talk about or facilitate open space meetings. “It was good to talk to have some time to explore, to slow down, BUT what did we achieve?” I wonder why talking, exploring and slowing down are not generally seen as achievements in their own right?

Thanks, Viv, I so agree and haven’t quite managed to express it so directly. And, by the way, if we look at all this so-called DOING, a lot of it turns out be just “action theatre” anyway.

1 thought on “The being:doing gap

  1. Jeremy Sweeney

    Well put – it is based on the ‘logic’ of there being ‘inputs and outputs’ and not being able to see that where humans are concerned, just getting good input (i.e. level, honest and well intentioned) is both input and the output, it is why Open Space, and those of us who do our personal version of it, works. As EM Forster said ‘Only Connect’.


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