The Business Experiment

Take a minute to check out The Business Experiment.

This is the brainchild of Rob May one of my co-authors on the More Space project. Rob explains:

The Business Experiment is a site meant to explore three concepts: wisdom of crowds, open-source business and the distributed nature of work. The goal is to have the registered users of this site collectively start and run a real business. Business plans will be written. Financing will be sought (if needed). Employees will be hired. Systems of accountability will be put into place.

Rob’s following the entrepreneurial principle of throwing mud at the wall. And I’ve thrown my first bit of mud by registering and as I write I’m taking part in my first poll – evaluating four business ideas.

Please go to the site and if you’re remotely interested, register and let’s see where this thing goes! (Interesting, I’m using “we” language, like I have a stake in this…)

4 thoughts on “The Business Experiment

  1. Broadband and Me

    Business Experiment

    Johnnie Moore’s Weblog: The Business Experiment Business Experiment is a great idea to explore the possibilities of new ideas in a business context – thanks as usual to Johnnie for pointing it out……

  2. Florinte

    My name is Florinte Catargiu, I’m 49 years old.Married , 1 child, from Botosani-ROMANIA.I am teacher of math in a middle school.

    I’d like very much to participate with the comments and a inovative business ideea but I’m a beginner concerning the INTERNET,the computers and my English is not very good.( I have not my own WEBpage).I think all ideas are feseable if I/you realy want and perseverate (from the bottom of the heard and some time many years))to put into practice.

    My “crazzy” obssesion business experiment is based on trying to invert the classical business paradigm, that means the following:” The price of a product/service not to be establish by the seller but only by the buyer!!!”. What do you think by these big UTOPIA ?! I’d love to have a feed-back from your members. Thank you very much !


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