The cult of innovation

Martin Belam posts about Andy Budd‘s presentation. I liked this as I’m wary of the reverence given to innovation. Budd suggests that many people/organisations/things that we think of as very innovative actually aren’t.

I agree. I think stuff emerges incrementally while the blowhards lecture us on the importance of big ideas or the creativity trainer wears us out generating a thousand post it notes about some idealised future.

Hat tip: A tweet from Karl Schneider

2 thoughts on “The cult of innovation

  1. Ian Glendinning

    I get the point, but this does take a narrow view of innovation focussed on the technology itself …. the real innovation may actually be in the design, the packaging or the application, or the marketing, or the business-model generally …. no ?

  2. Johnnie Moore

    Hi Ian: The trouble with this word innovation is that there’s no real agreement on what it means. Although I think it often boils down to “changes that I personally happen to approve of”. One man’s innovation is another’s nuisance etc.

    For me, the most interesting aspect of the talk its challenge some of the conventional wisdom.


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