The Fox Hotel

I am back from a very interesting trip to Copenhagen. I stayed at the Fox Hotel based on the general buzz about the place and because it looked different.

It was. I spent the night in a tent! I knew the place was creative but I wasn’t quite ready for this. Room 121 is mostly taken up with a tent, with a big duvet inside it. And that’s great. I’m bored of supposed luxury hotels that provide “every amenity”, which often means hoping you’ll pay $10 for a packet of peanuts in your room. It’s exciting to run into marketing that makes some kind of demand on you as the customer to engage and to play along. The Fox is cheaper than most of those famous international brands and a lot more interesting.

The next day I was talking about participation marketing and creating conversations. I think the Hotel was a good example of a brand that gets the idea.

1 thought on “The Fox Hotel

  1. Jack Yan

    I remember when they opened in 2005 and the artists took to Volkswagen Foxes as a marketing gimmick. Sounded good then, sounds better now! (Anything to avoid staying at an ETAP again.)


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