The genie out of the bottle

Antony Mayfield links to Google’s “mind blowing collection of creative ideas”. I just skimmed through but you could spend days exploring all the web apps listed there.

All this inventive technology is being made available to just about anyone with a web connection. How does it compare for engagement and collaboration with anything inside the firewall of organisations? I’ve argued before that over the last few years, the technological advantage has shifted massively away from companies to individuals. I think we may only have scratched the surface of the impact this will have.

1 thought on “The genie out of the bottle

  1. David Zinger


    I appreciate the link and enjoyed the video parkour navigation system.

    I now have a number of hours I need to view this.

    I agree that the individual in a collective sense is trumping the organization.

    I have only been at my work on the Employee Engagement Network for about 20 months but I firmly believe it will trump the large engagement consulting firms over time. And this work could be considered a sideline not my major focus.



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