The individual transcends the bland…

Brilliant blog entry by my good pal Tim Kitchin – Claire brings BA to life – recording an experience we shared last week.

After encountering BA’s uninspired customer questionnaire Tim is grumbling about this mechanistic approach to relationships…

And then… something truly magical happens. The stewardess Claire (Wilkinson?) comes up to me and my MutualMarketing companion John Moore and fellow traveller Luke Nicholson of Ethical Media fame, and says (drum roll here):

“We’ve read your questionnaire.

Thankyou. Great feedback. Very interesting.

I wanted to talk to you about what we do in CSR.

BA has an active programme enabling staff to participate in ethical initiatives on an unpaid basis.

Here’s what we’ve done in Africa…

I think I’ve heard of your web-site (NB. This is of course unlikely to be true! #;

2 thoughts on “The individual transcends the bland…

  1. chris macrae

    I recall a while back the BBC did a program on BA- how their people were empowered to start up projects in desperately needy places like India. I would love to know if this is still going and if so whether a web or blog of all the BA projects is displayed anywhere.

    I also have an odd BA survey story though it was of a BA long past. They were still trying to be a smiling company; and everything inconvenient that could go wrong on a flight : no hot food, no movies, when we landed the gas masks came down for no reason than to show this plane was having a bad day. And one by one all the stewards and stewardesses lost their smiles except the youngest. She kept the others going and even turned most of the passengers around from grumping – I’ve not seen such energy in any stewardess before or since. Towards the end of the flight I walked up to the senior steward and asked for a customer comments card, and posted it in its envelope. On receiving it, he said I bet I know what you’ve said about this flight. I said I bet you don’t please open it. It simply praised the one stewardess.

    The story has another part, if not an ending. It happened that I met the same crew a few days later. They were all transformed into the best of teams. Near the end of the flight , the senior steward spotted me and had a word- something about how he had shared my comments with the whole crew within an hour of leaving thaty previous flight. So perhaps customers should concentrate on writing up the positives more, as well as knowing when to be fussy about their rights.

  2. Johnnie Moore

    Chris: Thanks for relating that lovely story. ANOTHER great example of an individual’s power to shape experience… and a great lesson for the power of a single customer as well. It’s about breaking out of the parent:child pattern for relationships in favour of the richer potential humans can tap into.


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