2 thoughts on “The joys of interactivity

  1. Jack Yan

    You’d think with the German mismanagement gone, Chrysler would be more in tune with the people. No. It looks like whatever incompetence was introduced during the Daimler days is still there and despite having a blog, Chrysler has not learned any lesson about true interactivity and how people are feeling. What a difference from when it was one of the hottest firms in the US in the early- to mid-1990s—because it had its pulse on Americans’ tastes and was able to deliver accordingly.

  2. Catherine Crawley

    Johnnie. Thanks to you and James and Mark for the most brilliantly undersold “Innovation and Neworks of Influence” event at NESTA this morning. I’m still hyped up with your social media playschool with hidden strategic, psychological and philosophical depths.

    I was the woman wearing the long black dress with pinstripes being quite overexcited and laughing a lot.

    For you guys and anyone else who attended, please connect with me to continue the conversations:


    https://twitter.com/topicalfool (set up today specifically to connect with everyone else there today)

    Catherine Crawley on Linkedin


    Hoorah to all!


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