The language of facilitation

Last week I recorded a conversation with Tom Guarriello and Andrew Rixon about the language of facilitation. This was prompted by the research Andrew has published on this subject.

It’s a suitably non-linear conversation touching on lots of themes – the power of metaphor the role of narrative and the impact of body language and silence. We talk about how in using language we often miss how it shapes our experience and how easily it can both unite and divide us. Is there something going on in groups of people that is beyond language? How does the institutional language of organisations constrain their behaviour? I also get to sound off about the dangers of premature encapsulation.


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2 thoughts on “The language of facilitation

  1. Anecdote

    Exploring the language of facilitation

    Last week Johnnie Moore, Tom Guarriello and I connected (3 world times uniting) and had a great conversation exploring language of facilitation. Johnnie summed it up well with: It’s a suitably non-linear conversation touching on lots of themes – the…

  2. Michael Wagner

    Absolutely wonderful. Did you save the flip charts so we could capture the outcomes? Grin.

    Interesting to hear Johnnie introduce himself from London (city), Tom from Connecticut (state) and Andrew from Australia (country). Struck me…but not sure what to make of it.

    Also, the notion that institutional language is limited and stilted combined in my mind with the earlier thought that “language brings worlds into being”.

    Many businesses “say” they want/need a more creative and innovative culture to compete yet the language of their organization prevents a “new world” of innovation from being spoken into existence. Change your language, change your world?

    Enough to say listening to you three has my mind stirred up completely. Thanks!

    Keep creating,



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