The mechanistic mentality

Chris Lawer has started blogging and today’s entry is worth a read; here’s an extract:

Why do many brands still appear to forget the importance and role of the real relationships that should exist between themselves, consumers and society? Why do we live in a socio-economic vacuum of decaying trust? Why are most brands just wrapped in a surface veneer of humanity and

2 thoughts on “The mechanistic mentality

  1. Jennifer Rice

    Whoa, Dr. Rant, hold on there! “Worshipping the deities of metrics and money?” An an account planner turned Marketing Director (in my former life), I experienced the conflicting demands of diverse stakeholders… customers being one, and the executive team & board of directors being another. Without an eye towards metrics and money, I wouldn’t be taken seriously nor given much of a marketing budget to work with. I see your point, but I think there’s a balance here somewhere…

  2. Johnnie Moore

    Hi Jennifer, thanks for your comments. Yes, there has to be a balance and I’m sure some marketing directors get it. And some just hide behind numbers they don’t really believe in. As you wisely twigged, the Dr Rant category is when I know I’m being polemical… sometimes we get to balance by trying the extremes you see 🙂


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