The Moose Will Provide

I’ve been meaning to say this for some time.

The final provocation is the setting of New Year’s Resolutions something I don’t do. I’m more River than Goal you see. Just my preference, by the way, not a criticism of those who like goal setting.

Anyway, I have lately found that it is more interesting to believe that The Moose Will Provide

This wisdom comes from the Loose Moose Improv School in Canada. No, I haven’t been (yet) but I know a woman who has.

In Improv drama, there’s no script and you have to make the scenes up as you go along. Much like life, at least life at its most vivid.

So in Improv training, you learn to stick yourself into situations and trust that the line will come to you. You might tag a player in a game of Freeze Tag. You have to assume her physical posture from the scene, and say a new line that changes the scene. If you want a challenge, you take the position on stage before thinking of your line.

In Calgary, you get lots of practice at this, developing increasing trust that The Moose Will Provide.

For me, that faith has to have a certain spirit behind it to work. It’s not a licence for recklessness (As in, “Captain, did you put any fuel in the plane?”, “Oh, the Moose Will Provide”). With that caveat, I’d like to put more faith in the Moose and do a little less anxiety about the future.

Or does that count as a New Year’s Resolution?

3 thoughts on “The Moose Will Provide

  1. Rob Paterson

    Consider the lillies of the field Johnnie – they toil not neither do they spin. Some one else’s angle on the Moose.

    This is surely the hardest part of what we do. I have work appearing over the horizon but I never know and sometimes it gets me down. On the other hand I could never go back to having a job

    Happy new year


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