The mundane can be interesting

I don’t get excited about companies changing their logos but I liked this time lapse video of the four days to repaint a Virgin Atlantic Jumbo.

I think there’s an interesting moral about marketing. Sometimes something apparently mundane (the process of painting a plane) may be more interesting to onlookers than what most marketeers get excited about (ooh look at our new identity it means all these meaningless abstractions).

Virgin Atlantic plane livery time-lapse movie from johnson banks on Vimeo.

2 thoughts on “The mundane can be interesting

  1. JeffRumm

    Great Observation! Emotion is contagious. This video shows that Virgin is so excited about their new branding, they just have to share it. This makes Virgin look like a good company with people who get excited about changes within the company, and that makes us feel like they are a company that cares about what they do and in turn they care about us.

  2. Jerome

    Several decades ago, American Airlines chose to go bare with their livery. A spokes-h.sapiens explained to the local press (Dallas Morning News) that the purpose was to capture profit from reducing the weight of the aircraft by the few thousand pounds (I suppose that would be a fewer thousand kilos) of weight imposed by paint.

    A common factor in all the airlines which went bankrupt since then is that their operating expense included the cost of flying paint.

    With that, my mind ran to thoughts of waste and inefficiency while watching another future bankrupt celebrate their fashionable style consultants.


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