The new order of things?

Earl has some interesting reflections on a post by Jon Husband about the kind of changes we may be going through.

Lots to think about. I’m enthusiastic about the notion that we’re in the midst of revolutionary change and the imminent collapse of the old order. Of course my conception of the old order may be different from yours and I’m always wary of two-dimensional diagrams to represent how we may be experience complex change. Of course they offer insights but they also tempt us back to the idea that change is sort of linear, really. I like the way Earl points out there’s other ways we can draw all these curves.

3 thoughts on “The new order of things?

  1. Paul Hannay

    Smashing brainfood Johnnie.

    Especially liked how the ‘StoryGarden’ application captures anecdotal stories that can be transformed into ‘quantatitive proof’ which feeds more positive change.


  2. Jon Husband

    “Quantitative proof” is somewhat spurious, as Johnnie points out. Lets say that by asking respondents questions the answers to which are positioned on a scale (1-100, or some other scale) that turns those answers into data.

    The data generated by the responses feed into Dave Snowden’s Sensemaker application, which transforms the data into indicators, presented in a range of visual analytic formats.

    So far, seems pretty good for issue identification (from emergent patterns) and action planning based on the meaning in the stories that people signify by answering the questions.


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