The new voice of Britain… Adam Curry

My hosts here have just connected to Broadband. Woo-hoo! First thing I do is pick up Adam Curry‘s latest podcast. (Podcast = online radio show in mp3 format) While I’ve been down under Adam’s moved to Blighty and it is really good to hear his upbeat impressions. Makes the prospect of returning home more attractive.

No sooner does he get to the UK than he’s rescuing dogs from America. And he even thinks the trains are great!

If I lived anywhere near Guildford I’d be down the Starbucks (where he’s currently uploading his podcasts each day) and say welcome to Britain.

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    Johnny Moore waxes lyrical about Adam Curry’s move to Britain. With a quick line he lets loose a simple definition of “Podcast = online radio show in mp3 format”. I can only presume that I’m not the only person to…


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