The next generation

Tony pursues a theme he’s raised with me before. I think it’s important.

What I’ve been pondering recently are Gen Y and Gen Z going to work at corporates such as a bank. Decades ago, you loved to join a corporate because they had the latest technology to play with. Word Processors, Fax Machines, email, computers, telex!! And yet over the last decade we now have more up to date technology at home than at work. When did this happen? So what will a Gen Y or Gen Z make of a corporate work environment where they can’t use Chat, Twitter, Wikis, Blog, SMS, Mobiles. They won’t have Vista, OSX, or Linux, you won’t be able to use Office 2007 at work for a few years, and yet you can pick it up down the road, or probably use it in school.

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  1. Johnnie Moore

    The answer to your question is of course, for several reasons.

    Unlike generations past, a larger portion of the younger generation got their high school and college jobs outside of the retail/food industry and have worked and interned in the corporate world. Then, upon graduation, seek to join those same places… especially those leaving with a degree in the business/communication realm. Whilst there, they have free reign to access their cell and internet communications. It’s never a question, access will be there. Most companies provide internet access and those that don’t, still leave open the widening gate of phone based internet access. Social networks and blogs can easily be updated and accessed via mobile already. Such vintage points of communication are a necessary facet of the newer generation’s personal lives and always a thumbs reach away.

    Office tech will never be the lure of personnel, especially given that the tech they are in need of often lies inches away in their mobile phone.


    Kevin: Good point – with mobile, they’ll probably bring their tech with them and try to work around limitations. But still leaves questions about how the culture of corporates is going to adapt…


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