The next note

At Brand Autopsy John Moore quotes Miles Davis

When you hit a wrong note it’s the next note that makes it good or bad

I like that and it reminds me of one of the fun things about Improv work.. When doing Improv exercises, people often make mistakes – and it’s not the mistake itself that affects the game, but how they respond to the mistake. For instance: suppose their task in the exercise is to say a word and they can’t think of one… if they panic at this mistake and bury head in hands, it slows everyone down. If they don’t give themselves a hard time and just go with whatever comes into their head, the game moves on.

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  1. "Hello_World"

    One step back, two steps forward

    Adding my bit to the post, and follow-up, by the John Moores, is a memory from my days as waiter. I remember a lot of the other waiters getting overly upset with the grillers when they made the occasional mistake


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