The perils of philosophy

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This NSFW video made me laugh. I can’t explain how I scraped a degree in Philosophy and Politics whilst having a nervous breakdown. I get lost the moment I’m expected to remember which philospher said what and I’m hopeless with most of jargon. So if you tell me I’m committing the Aristotelian solipsism or committing/denying/evading [Insert Philospher here]’s fallacy/ontology/epistemology/toxicology or whatever, you win. Every time.

Plus this video captures how hard it is to cope in a world where everything’s connected to everything and you just can’t process all the variables.

Of course, the Python boys seemed much clearer.

Hat tip: Mark Fisher

1 thought on “The perils of philosophy

  1. Charles

    Very funny. Not only because I was listening to a podcast on the Empiricists when I got the link to this but because I think you know more than you know Johnnie. I recall well a conversation with you back in London, where I was explaining some of Talebs Black Swan writing and you who pointed out that it was pure Kierkegaard. So I checked and it was.

    I take your point about the practicality of philosophy though. It’s more of an interesting side show than utility though the latest trend for Experimental Philosophy or X-Phi might yield better results 🙂


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