The perils of planning

That Curt Rosengren he’s a top blogger. I think he is giving a continuing masterclass in a particular type of blog: one that supports his business and balances lots of self-disclosure with a high degree of information relevant to his area of focus.

Anyhow, today he’s writing about Embracing the Detours referencing Second Innocence by John Izzo Izzo writes:

It is not that we should go through life without plans or clear desires. But life is an organic creation, the serendipitous intersection of thousands of events that put us in a certain place at a certain time. Being closed to the many detours presented to us and allowing our life plans to shield us from other possibilities means we will ultimately enjoy a less than satisfying journey..

In my own work, I often focus on the power of the moment, and raise awareness of the apparently small choices we make and their impact on our lives. Improv is a fantastic training in realising this power and the energy that is released when we encourage spontaneity and let go of rigid plans.

1 thought on “The perils of planning

  1. Designing for Civil Society

    Life is messy – so let’s be honest about it

    How far can we plan communities, organisations, our lives… and how far should we expect to go with the flow of what happens? Old question, but do we have any new answers? “No plan survives first engagement with the enemy”


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