The smallest human organisation

I’m tinkering on a new website with a couple of mates to offer some coaching/training ideas to organisations.

I showed to a friend who said it looked “more like a personal development website than an organisational development website.” She illustrated this by showing me some of the latter kind. They had lots of famous client logos and several diagrams with circles and arrows, all of which are lacking in our draft.

I found this reassuring.

So often when people talk about organisational development, they’re invoking the heros and villains of our corporate world, the Apples and BPs etc.

I wonder if they should test their theories on a smaller human organisation. The self.

Or if they’re really ambitious, a couple of selves in relationship to one another.

At that level, I think we start to realise that the business of live is full of drama and confusion, pleasure and pain, frustration and learning. Little of of which really be explained still less “managed” by those clever diagrams.

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