The value of my blog

Nice timing. Just after my last post about feeds and the value of blogs I rushed off to Paddington to meet Declan Elliott. Declan’s site is fulfil.

Declan heard about me from my blog and decided on the basis of the ramblings here – especially the more passionate ones about Lovemarks – that we should meet. And what a great conversation we’ve just had. Lots of common threads and the prospect of some interesting work together. Declan is keen on faciliation too and it would be fun to see what we can develop between us.

He also left me thinking about what he calls The Art of Abandonment. A great theme not a million miles apart from the idea that The Moose Will Provide. In order to change, we sometimes have to let go of our certainty and be in chaos before a new certainty comes along.

3 thoughts on “The value of my blog

  1. Paul Goodison

    Strange attractors.

    That’s periods of certainty in islands of chaos not this blog which is far more compelling than strange.

    (Paul trying for a guest spot on Johnnie’s blog)

  2. Management Craft

    Link-O-Rama #2

    I normally don’t do Link-O-Rama posts so close together (see last week’s here) but there have been many great posts this week. I am getting stressed just having all these to share. It’s bad aggregator Feng Shui to have so


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