There is no point

I’m quite interested in the idea of things being pointless. This fabulous bit of co-creation (South Park meets Alan Watts) delights me.

So many meetings start out with anxious lists of what must be completed by the end. I can understand the anxiety but it risks killing the energy that comes from being present to the process with enthusiasm and an openness to possibility. (Chris Corrigan had some good things to say about seeing past endings in this podcast.)

Hat tip: Euan.

3 thoughts on “There is no point

  1. Geoff Brown

    Johnnie, I spent a whole day with a group this week who felt great about letting go of outcomes and exploring new stuff together. In the closing circle they said “we didn’t achieve what we set out to … and thank god for that!” Was it just a coincidence that they learned about Improv for the first time?


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