Threshers getting busy

It looks like Threshers the UK booze retailer, is discovering the power of viral marketing. It’s not completely clear how pleased they’re going to feel about it. Here’s the scoop from the BBC News website:

Off-licence chain Threshers is braced for an onslaught of bargain-hunting drinkers as an online discount voucher is downloaded by millions of people.

The 40%-off wine and champagne voucher was intended for suppliers and their friends, but has been distributed widely via blogs, email and chatrooms.

One wine company has reported 800,000 downloads and the Threshers website has crashed under the strain.

“It was never intended to get this big,” a company spokesperson said.

The company admits it is slightly concerned about the popularity of the offer.

Hugh, who must share some of the credit or blame for this is on a pub crawl this afternoon. I don’t suppose he’s getting 40% off that though.

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