Toe in the podcast water

Yesterday I had a go at recording a podcast. Or something quite podcast-like we’re still working on the technicalities. Speaking of which, it was great to have Corante providing all the technical backup, in the shape of Alex Williams, who’s got some pretty interesting ideas for making the content accessible and interesting.

I helped make the pilot edition of what we’re gonna call the Brandshift Show. Along with Jennifer Rice (fellow Brandshift blogger), Chelsea Hardaway (of Fight the Bull) and Tom Guarriello, I recorded half an hour of conversation on the theme of authenticity in business conversations. I’ll post a link when it’s been turned into something you can listen to.

It was fun. And it was kinda weird, having a conversation and wondering who might end up listening in. I felt a bit self-conscious. It’ll be interesting to hear what it all sounds like. The next show is on the theme of co-creation.

1 thought on “Toe in the podcast water

  1. chelsea

    I have thought a lot about this since the podcast experiment yesterday. There’s an interesting dilemma inherent in this format: we were certainly having a great conversation, feeding off each other’s comments, exchanging good examples and learning from each other. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    But it was also clear we were doing it on behalf of an imaginary audience. Is this authentic? An observer could argue that it’s not. Johnnie pointed out mid-way through that we were all agreeing, in sort of a self-congratulatory fashion — there had been no discord or debate.

    I guess, in the end, I think it passes as real *only as long as* we expose our self-doubt and continue to question whether our talk about authenticity was really authentic. Now that’s human! It also raises an interesting point about the importance of good debate/divergent opinions. (We all know that a good rant makes for the best blog post.)

    Will be interested to hear what others think once the show is posted.


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