Ton on Rheingold

Ton Zijlstra has a good post on his encounters with Howard Rheingold on Blogwalk – how collective action will change the world. These phenomena – collective action open source marketing – get me stimulated and excited about possibilities a world away from the top-down paradigm of conventional marketing. It seems to me that a great skill for the future is the hosting of conversations, not attempts to outshout them.

2 thoughts on “Ton on Rheingold

  1. Ton Zijlstra

    Hi Johnnie,

    Hosting conversations as a skill, that IS an interesting thought. I have quoted you to friends and colleagues about this a lot in the past days. Also quoted you in a piece I am writing for David Gurteens Global Knowledge Review.



  2. Johnnie Moore

    Hi Ton – thanks, I feel chuffed. And I should say that we should give kudos to Tim Kitchin ( who inspired this hosting thought in conversations at Medinge… And to Thomas Gad who hosted us!


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